Boise, ID—July 22, 2020—KidCheck secure children’s check-in is pleased to announce additional childcare billing options for organizations caring for children. These include prepaid childcare check-in passes, discounts, and product add-ons to generate additional revenue.

Check-In Passes provide organizations with the ability to create various pre-paid options for their members to purchase childcare ahead of time. Check-In Passes are created right in KidCheck and passes include: by number of check-ins, hourly, day, week or monthly. They can be offered as a one-time purchase or auto recurring.

Organizations determine what type of prepaid childcare passes to offer based on their business needs, then set the price, and include any associated limits or restrictions. Parents simply purchase passes in advance directly through their KidCheck account, or during the check-in process at the organization.

Add-ons provide an easy way to offer additional products or charge for childcare when families are checking in or out. This makes it simple for organizations to generate additional revenue and convenient for members to purchase items such as socks, a mask, boxed lunch or childcare time. Child check-in and out is the perfect opportunity to engage an already captive audience.

Organizations simply add the products and services they’d like to offer and set the price. Discounts can also be offered on a single item or overall by flat rate, percentage or per hour. Then during check-in or check-out families can easily see, choose and purchase in KidCheck with a credit card.

“We’ve built in a great deal of flexibility to make childcare billing easy and convenient for organizations, allowing them to choose what options their members see at child check-in,” said Alex Smith, KidCheck CEO.

Smith continued, “With KidCheck Check-In Passes prepaid childcare and product add-ons, organizations can easily charge members for childcare and additional products right at check-in, kids can get the items they need, and parents appreciate the simplicity.”

About KidCheck

KidCheck, Inc. provides secure children’s check-in software and complete check-in station systems for churches, fitness facilities, activity centers, kids’ camps and other organizations caring for children. KidCheck believes every child deserves a chance to grow in a safe environment, and every parent deserves peace-of-mind about the safety of their children. KidCheck is committed to delivering easy-to-use, innovative, and reliable check-in systems backed by world class support. To learn more or to request a demo visit