REDMOND, WA—February 26, 2019—Intenza Fitness today announces Jill Kuhn as its first global brand ambassador and the embodiment of what TomorrowToday means, Intenza’s new campaign designed to inspire future self-thinking when making health and fitness choices.

Intenza’s new TomorrowToday campaign will launch in March 2019. The multi-media campaign will be brought to life through a series of marketing initiatives and Kuhn will participate via social media and brand awareness events.

“Jill is the epitome of a barrier—breaking athlete,” said Intenza CEO Mark Chang. “Our pursuit of product innovation is a perfect fit with Jill’s Ironman push your limits philosophy.”

Commenting on her new role, Kuhn known for her love of all things running and triathlon added: “It’s such an honor to be working with an innovative company that shares my ideas on fitness and health, puts so much value on the individual, and is also committed to preserving and giving back to the environment at the same time.”

“Intenza believes people are their most valuable asset. In our collaborating of ideas, it was clear from the beginning there was a natural synergy; and from our very first correspondence they have treated me like one of their own. There is a togetherness and true family feel that transcends business. And it’s their putting people and the environment first that makes their products special and unique,” Kuhn continued.

“Jill embodies the limitless potential that Intenza represents,” said Eleanor-Jayne Browne, Vice President Branding & Communications, “We are really excited to start working with her. Jill not only understands the importance of being a role model, she embraces it!”

Kuhn will begin writing on behalf of Intenza Fitness across media platforms beginning March 2019.

For additional information on Intenza visit the Intenza website, use the hashtags #tomorrowtoday, #futureme, #runlikejill and follow @intenzafitness on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

About Intenza Fitness

Founded in 2012, Intenza pioneers change in the fitness industry by designing and building its user—centric, award—winning line of commercial cardio products in a socially responsible manner to minimise carbon footprint. All Intenza products are built in an environmentally sustainable, energy efficient manufacturing plant leveraging solar energy.

Providing world—class service, 24 hours over time zones, facility owners enjoy the value of innovation, impeccable engineering and ergonomic design associated with Intenza products, and fitness enthusiasts, a versatile, premium and engaging training experience with must—have technology.

Intenza’s success results from exploring new methods and ideas beyond conventional boundaries.

Driven by innovation and inspired by technology, our vision is a world where people live better, longer and healthier lives.

About Jill Kuhn

At the age of 38, Jill started on her endurance journey. Now an avid triathlete and trail runner, Jill’s unwillingness to fold to life’s challenges has inspired more men and women alike to give endurance sports a try.

Refusing to let her Rheumatoid Arthritis, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, asthma and a slew of other autoimmune issues deter her from doing what she loves best Jill has garnered an online following through her Iron Will Iron Jill social media accounts and created an engaging and uplifting community.