GYM RAX Announces a First in Free Standing Functional Training Rigging

    The Free Anchor is designed to support the smallest functional footprint in the industry and alleviate permanent fastening challenges and constraints.

    SANTA MONICA, CA—June 10, 2019—The leader in functional training Smartrigging and storage solutions, GYM RAX has now introduced the Free Anchor system, eliminating the requirement of permanent fastening directly to structural floor or wall surfaces for virtually every environment.

    This translates into a potential reduction of costs, installation prerequisites, and safety related concerns most commonly associated with the purchase of functional rigging.

    The vast majority of fitness based rigging today requires a “four legged” design or permanent fixture to a structural floor or wall to achieve safety and performance benefits. This requires verification that the gym floors or walls be scanned to avoid penetration into non-structural surfaces upon installation. Post tension concrete floors or walls that aren’t structurally sufficient, or are potentially filled with electrical or plumbing conduit must be avoided to eliminate the associated risk of accidental penetration. The GYM RAX Free Ancho system eliminates this time-consuming and costly process altogether. Installation planning is also much more streamlined.

    “We’re very excited to share this new smart rigging solution that dramatically solves for so many logistical and installation concerns for the majority of our clients”, said Director of Project Engineering, Darren Simoni. "Our team is first and foremost committed to delivering the highest quality and safety possible in human rigging. The advent of the Free Anchor system is born out of years of experience and understanding of the unique challenges and requirements associated with the implementation and permanency of functional rigging”.

    Another benefit of the self anchoring system is the preservation of portability. Should the facility choose to relocate their GYM RAX configuration at some point, the Free Anchor system can be disconnected with ease and neither the rigging nor the facility infrastructure will be damaged in the process. Ideal for Health Club’s, Hotel Fitness Centers, Corporate Wellness, or anywhere functional training space is desired with infrastructure unknowns.

    GYM RAX Free Anchor systems are designed with both the operator and the end user in mind offering the smallest functional footprint in the industry. Unlike limitations common to many more generalized rigs, the design allows for virtually unlimited use of the space surrounding the configuration, with no large or impeding hardware getting in the way.

    “Our mission is fundamentally to design solutions for safe, functional, and results driven training environments. The new GYM RAX Free Anchor system is ground breaking for facility operators,” said, Bryan Green, CEO of Aktiv Solutions, Gym Rax global distribution partner.

    For more information on the GYM RAX Free Anchor system, for a demo or for details on other products and services, visit the GYM RAX website or call 888-895-0547.

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