OCONOMOWOC, WI—May 28, 2020—Camaraderie, competition, and community define Solcioty Fitness, a heart rate interval training studio in Atlanta, Georgia, where exercisers in small group classes run, row, ride, and perform resistance training to motivating music and cued lighting for 60 intense minutes.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is changing fitness center operations, Solcioty reconfigured its 2,612-square-foot studio to further maximize safety for participants and staff. Adding 12 FITBENCH STUDIOS transformed the space into individual, self-contained stations for each exerciser.

“With this new equipment, each participant has a personal station, which correlates to the cardio machine they use,” explained Solcioty Fitness co-founder Justin Kanawyer. “Because the FITBENCH houses all the equipment they need, members don’t have to share dumbbells, resistance bands, slam balls, or anything else.”

The FITBENCH STUDIO is an adjustable, portable bench that houses four dumbbell sets, one slam ball, and three sets of premium FITBANDS with removable handles to facilitate an endless variety of exercises, including step-ups and bench jumps, in an all-in-one, convenient, compact solution.

The FITBENCH units enable classes to proceed seamlessly, without interruptions to clean equipment between users. “Our members not only love the quality of the FITBENCH, but also appreciate how it helps our classes flow smoothly,” Kanawyer added.

“It is so good to be back at Solcioty, and I was blown away to see the new and improved equipment,” said member Lauren Weissman.

After state restrictions were lifted, Solcioty instituted a strict protocol, initially running only four classes daily at 50 percent capacity, with members using every other station on the floor to maintain social distancing. After each class, staff thoroughly deep cleans the studio, disinfects all equipment, mops the floor, and wipes down frequently touched surfaces.

“Any gym can make you sweat with a great workout,” Kanawyer pointed out. “We give you the encouragement you need to show up, the motivation you need to give it your all, and the support you need when you want to quit. This is a fun, positive environment where members can get away for one hour and focus completely on themselves.”


FITBENCH is where function meets fitness. At FITBENCH, we believe in superior quality fitness tools reinvented to make training more efficient and effective. Our products are thoughtfully designed to maintain workout intensity and variety, while facilitating quick exercise transitions in a safe and neat manner. These robust, organized, and portable benches deliver exceptional performance that drives participation at boutique studios, health clubs, and vertical market fitness facilities.

For more information, contact the company at 800-294-0536; info@fitbench.com.