PETERBOROUGH, UK—October 25, 2018—Escape’s MOVE IT and Myzone have joined forces in the first partnership of its kind to give clubs, boutiques and studios of all sizes an innovative and engaging class—combining wearable digital technology with industry leading programming—to help them boost market share and revenue.

Escape’s MOVE IT is a dynamic calorie burning, functional, high intensity interval training program for groups, studios and fitness facilities. It easily scales from one to many users with its six specific zones—lift, move, function, core, run, and recovery—that push users through high-octane, full-body workouts.

Introducing the heart rate tracker Myzone into the MOVE IT mix means members get instant, color-coded feedback on their performance via their phone or a screen in the gym, adding an element of gamification. The more effort put into the MOVE IT workouts, the more Myzone Effort Points the user earns. The MOVE IT/Myzone combination delivers powerful motivation in a group class setting as members instantly see and monitor effort.

Another bonus is that clubs can schedule MOVE IT for their unique needs. They have the ability to design performance specific workouts focusing on upper body, lower body or full body workouts, according to trends or seasonality. The level of creative customization this partnership provides is a competitive advantage as today’s tech-savvy exercisers expect novelty, community and challenge—and plus real-time feedback.

Both the 30-minute and 45-minute version of MOVE IT/Myzone works with or without an instructor as it can be streamed on-demand—an especially ideal solution for unmanned facilities, who before would not have had the ability to add programming of this caliber.

“MOVE IT is one of our most popular programs, already available in gyms worldwide. Trainers love it because it’s fun, appropriately intense, challenging and effective, yet safe. This new partnership opens it up to a wider variety of facilities,” said Rachel Young, head of training and programming, Escape Fitness. “Plus, adding Myzone ups the motivation factor of MOVE IT with its instant, personal feedback. You can go one more rep when you can see your effort on that screen. That’s powerful.”

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