SAN DIEGO, CA—February 9, 2023—On Thursday, February 16, ACE’s Anthony Wall, will be joined by Live to the Beat’s campaign director, Kinetra Joseph to discuss the why behind this new CDC Foundation campaign as well as how health and exercise professionals play an important role in lowering heart and stroke risk in Black communities. Also joining the panel of speakers is ACE Certified exercise professional and owner of the Hip Healthy Chick, Tasha Edwards.

The panelists will unpack this unique campaign as well as barriers to physical activity and small steps Black communities can take to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.

This free Facebook Live discussion is in observation of Black History Month and Heart Month and can be viewed live on ACE’s Facebook page.

There are many structural inequalities and health disparities that affect the Black community. Many Black Americans don’t have access to quality health and fitness related resources, with predominantly Black neighborhoods often lacking a gym or recreational center. These social determinants of health then manifest themselves in underlying health conditions like obesity, heart disease and stroke.


According to medical professionals, Black communities are at higher risk for lifestyle related disease. Some of these higher propensities and causes of these risks include:

  • 30.0% of Non-Hispanic Blacks are physical inactive outside of work (CDC, 2022)
  • 20.2% of Black/African American adults aged 18 and over are in fair or poor health (NHIS, 2019)
  • 26.2% of Black men aged 20 and over and 19.2% of Black women aged 20 and over live with obesity (2015-2018) (U.S. Dept of Health, 2019) 56.8% of men and 57.6% of women aged 20 and over experience hypertension (2015-2018) (U.S. Dept of Health, 2019) 14.3% of Black/African American adults aged 18–64 lack health insurance coverage
  • Heart disease, COVID-19 and cancer among leading causes of death for Black/African Americans: Heart Disease, Cancer, COVID-19 (CDC, 2020)

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