Our initiative to get more people moving.

#WhyGetActive is an inspirational movement that provides a worldwide platform for sharing the many compelling reasons for being physically active.

#WhyGetActive Changing Lives: Changing Communities Video Contest

The #WhyGetActive video contest is an opportunity for you to share the great work your club is doing, and compete for some bonus publicity and the opportunity to help an organization or charity in your community. The contest runs from March 21 - May 31and a winner will be announced the first week of June.  

The winner of the contest is determined by the number of Youtube likes. Entrants will be encouraged to share and promote their videos using the hashtag #WhyGetActive. IHRSA will also promote the contest on its blog and social media, and will share each video one time on the blog and on twitter.

A prize will be awarded to the winner of each of the four categories: large chains (20+ clubs), small chains (2 – 20 clubs), single clubs, and associate member organizations. 

The winner of each category will receive the following: 

  1. A donation of $500 to the local charity of your choosing
  2. A CBI feature on your club’s programs and/or initiatives 
  3. Inclusion in a press release announcing the winners
  4. An opportunity to share your knowledge on video and social marketing at an upcoming IHRSA event

To learn more and submit your video, visit ihrsa.org/video-contest


#WhyGetActive is a social media movement born at the grassroots level to reign in the physical inactivity crisis that feeds chronic diseases, drives health care spending, and escalates economic uncertainty in the United States and worldwide. Spearheaded by the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), #WhyGetActive is an inspirational movement that provides a worldwide platform for sharing the many compelling reasons for being physically active and fosters a cultural shift toward wellness—wherein physically active lifestyles are encouraged, supported, and easier to sustain.

In the United States and most developed nations, awareness of the importance and benefits of physical activity is not the biggest issue. People have heard the message loud and clear. The challenge comes in harnessing the personal motivation to begin and maintain a physically active lifestyle in an increasingly sedentary environment. #WhyGetActive enables people around the world to share their personal motivations for pursuing an active life, provides a platform of support for active lifestyles, and links discussion of healthy lifestyle topics on social media.

Get Involved

There are numerous ways to get involved with the #WhyGetActive movement. A few ideas include:

  1. Share why you choose to pursue an active lifestyle using the #WhyGetActive hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  2. Encourage your members to share their reasons #WhyGetActive on social media by promoting the hashtag at your club. 
  3. Use the hashtag to discuss healthy lifestyle topics or share news articles on the benefits of exercise.
  4. Sign up for the Health Benefits of Exercise Report and follow the IHRSA Blog for more health and wellness updates. 

To see what others are saying about #WhyGetActive, visit whygetactive.org

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