IHRSA Group Purchasing

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IHRSA Group Purchasing proves that there’s strength in numbers.

By changing the way you approach purchasing, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on licensing, housekeeping and appliances, utilities, and more. One purchase could save you more than the cost of your IHRSA membership!

Music Licensing

Health club operators know that music is an integral part of the fitness experience. But many are unaware that by broadcasting music publicly, they can incur liability under U.S. copyright law. That’s why IHRSA has partnered with two leading music licensing providers—ASCAP and BMI—so you can play your members’ favorite songs risk-free. Both companies support businesses and organizations that play music publicly by offering blanket music licenses that permit them to play tens of millions of songs. And they’re offering IHRSA members discounted rates.

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Maintenance, Repair, & Cleaning Supplies

Grainger is a one-stop shop offering more than 1.7 million products from over 5,200 suppliers. With Grainger's extensive inventory and services, you can avoid the costly hassle of searching for numerous suppliers. IHRSA members who shop with Grainger receive deep discounts on frequently purchased products and free standard parcel shipping.

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Affiliated Power Purchasers International (APPI Energy) assists health clubs in reducing and managing energy costs. A staff of engineers, tariff and regulatory specialists, and financial and legal professionals will help you navigate the maze of energy options. With energy prices at a historic low, this is the ideal time for IHRSA members to contact an APPI Energy consultant to receive a free consultation. APPI Energy will help IHRSA members obtain the best price and contract terms from many electricity and natural gas suppliers, at no cost to you; manage all paperwork for a seamless transition; and provide ongoing customer service and energy solutions. For more information call 800-520-6685 or email info@appienergy.com.

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