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IHRSA regularly studies health club consumer behavior to help club and gym operators better understand why people join clubs and what motivates them to stay. This groundbreaking research examines the psychographics of club members, member demographics, and the attitudes and perceptions non-members have of commercial gyms and health clubs. IHRSA Fitness Industry research will help you understand your customer and your prospect better.  


IHRSA Member Retention Report available free to IHRSA members!


The IHRSA Member Retention Report is a report series designed to help club operators improve efforts around membership retention. Conducted in partnership with The Retention People, the IHRSA Member Retention Report (Volume 3, Issue 3) examines the impact of various types of interaction on member retention.

Download The IHRSA Member Retention Report (Volume 3, Issue 3) (login required) 

To access previous installments of the Member Retention Report, visit ihrsa.org/retention.

IHRSA Partners with STR: IHRSA Members Be Part of a New Benchmarking Platform

Continuing IHRSA’s tradition of tracking club performance, IHRSA has partnered with STR to gather and analyze data and information about the health club sector in the U.S. STR has an established track record as a leading provider of information services and competitive benchmarking products, having served as the primary resource for data on the hotel industry for nearly thirty years. 

Contact hcinfo@str.com to participate in this exciting effort.

Read the full press release.



Fitness Industry Research

IHRSA regularly conducts industry research on U.S. and international markets. IHRSA's annual reports provide a comprehensive, country-specific overview of the fitness club industry in Europe and Asia-Pacific as well as a detailed view of the overall global market. IHRSA also tracks U.S. industry data on trends such club programs, facilities, and membership.

Research Reports

Industry Statistics

  • Club Facilities
  • Membership Growth and Attrition
  • Club Programs
  • The Scope of the U.S. Health Club Industry
  • U.S. Health Club Membership by Sector

Financial & Operations Research

Looking for resources to help you evaluate your club’s performance and business structure? IHRSA’s financial and operations research provides an in depth view of club revenue benchmarks, employee compensation, profit centers, and related statistics. Let us guide you as you determine how well your club is performing in comparison to industry norms.

IHRSA Research Portal

Partnering with Industry Insights, the IHRSA Research Portal provides the club operator with authoritative data and benchmarks to compare their company's operational metrics against.

The IHRSA Research Portal is home to club operations studies such as IHRSA's annual Industry Data Survey (IDS), IHRSA Global Report survey, and IHRSA's Employee Compensation and Benefits survey. IHRSA member clubs that complete each survey on the research portal receive the corresponding report for free!

Log on to The IHRSA Research Portal to participate in IHRSA research and receive email notifications when surveys are open.

Research Reports

IHRSA Financial Management Tool
In the club business, knowing your numbers is critical to success. IHRSA's computer-based Financial Management Tool is a planning and financial management tool that will give you a professional edge and change the way you do business! Learn more

Consumer Research

IHRSA tracks and analyzes consumer trends to help operators better understand current and potential members. IHRSA’s consumer research covers up to date findings on demographic data, membership attendance & attrition, consumer participation & activity, and other related trends.

Research Reports