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Aquila Teams Up with Adidas and Marks 22-Year Company Anniversary


MIAMI, FL, July 19, 2016 -- Aquila marked their 22-year company anniversary on July 11th, 2016 in all company managed health & fitness club locations by adding some muscles, strong arms, and fun. This year, we teamed up with Adidas and rewarded top winning members with an Adidas Gift Card for performing 22 pushups to mark 22 years of business. Over 450 members accepted the challenge and successful winners were announced last week.

"As we near the quarter century mark, we want to thank to all of our customers, employees, volunteers, and the organizations involved for their support and dedication they have given to us over the last 22 years" said I. Yvan Miklin, President & CEO of Aquila. "Without their support, this mark would not be possible."


Aquila is a fully integrated health, wellness, fitness and spa management organization that serves clients nationally and internationally. For more than 22 years, Aquila has been providing Innovative Programming and Results Oriented Fitness & Wellness Management to Fortune 1000 Companies, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, and Private Establishments.  In 2015, Aquila has been ranked by the 2015 INC 5000 Awards as one of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in the US.

For more information about Aquila, please visit: www.aquilaltd.com


Does it matter what I say? Latest IHRSA Member Retention Report shows effect of interactions on member retention

In it’s quest to provide IHRSA members with the latest in actionable member and consumer behavior research, IHRSA has released new research that solely focuses on how various types of interactions between club staff and members affect retention rates for members at high risk of cancelling their memberships.

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George Foreman III to bring BOXFIIT™ experience Nationwide with Affiliate Program

Boston, MA: EverybodyFights, a boxing fitness company headquartered out of Boston, MA and co-founded by George Foreman III, announced today that they have launched their first BOXFIIT Affiliate partnership with Iron Grip Gym. This is the company’s first affiliate partnership as part of their larger plan to take the BOXFIIT™ experience nationwide.

As part of the Affiliate program, Iron Grip Gym will now feature their own BOXFIIT Certified Instructors that will be able to teach BOXFIIT patented classes, such as TRAIN360 and BAGS+BODY. Iron Grip Gym will be listed as a certified location on EverybodyFights.com and receive exclusive BOXFIIT branding for both their digital and brick-and-mortar experiences.

“We believe that boxing is for everybody,” said George Foreman III, founder of EBF. “The BOXFIIT Affiliate Program provides the trainer education, workouts and music to deliver Boxing Fitness to gym members. Iron Grip Gym is a perfect launch partner because they value the member experience above all, and are committed to making it the best it can be.”

“We decided to affiliate with BOXFIIT because it is a program that incorporates all fitness levels safely,” said Nicole Parish, owner at Iron Grip Gym. “We pride ourselves on our great sense of community and we know BOXFIIT will allow us to continue our personal attention to our clients while incorporating something new and exciting!"

To become a BOXFIIT Affiliate, gyms and studios should go to everybodyfights.com/affiliate and request an application. It’s an easy 5-step process that includes a meeting with George Foreman III and getting trainer certifications. Benefits of the program include access to the BOXFIIT Affiliate designation and complete class series, extensive fitness and educational material, the BOXFIIT Trainer App with custom workouts and live streaming, BOXFIIT branding for website and gym, marketing materials and photography and video content for social media.

About EverybodyFights®:

EverybodyFights was born out of the belief that anything worth having is worth fighting for, every single day. Our unique BOXFIIT™ classes are designed to find the inner fighter in all of us, building physical confidence and self-esteem. Our community is made up of trainers and fighters engaged in and out of the class, with gear that functions with their fitness and lifestyle. What we do is so much more than throwing punches. In addition to serving a community of fighters, we offer FightFuel™ nutrition counseling, BOXFIIT™ trainer certifications, EBF Studio™ partnership opportunities for big-­box gyms, and more. It's not just our name, it's our belief: EverybodyFights®. To learn more about EverybodyFights, visit:www.everybodyfights.com.

About Iron Grip Gym:

Iron Grip Gym opened in November 2013 and is run by owners Dustin and Nicole Parish. They are open 7 days a week with the exception of holidays offering approximately 30 classes per week. Instructors are Art of Strength and BOXFIIT certified leading small group classes with one on one personal attention. They have a Registered Dietician available as an additional service by request. Iron Grip Gym will be updating and adding the BOXFIIT bag series to their schedule soon! Current classes include circuit, strength and MMA. See www.irongripgymaos.com for updates or follow them onFacebook.com/irongripgym.


ABC Financial Names New Executives for the Client Management Team

ABC Financial (ABC), the leading software and payment processing provider to the health and fitness industry, named Mike Escobedo as Senior Vice President of Client Management and Kelly Card as Vice President of Client Management.

In their roles, Escobedo and Card will manage the overall strategic approach of executing techniques designed to drive a consistent and unmatched customer experience. Their teams specialize in ABC’s software and share the overall vision of ensuring ABC’s clients become and remain “raving fans” as well as provide clients applicable ABC tools and services to ensure success, according to Stephanie Johnson, Executive Vice President of ABC Financial. 

Previously employed at ABC Financial, both Escobedo and Card most recently led the global expansion and daily operations at Netpulse, ABC’s partner mobile app company. In their time there, both were directly responsible for the expansive growth of Netpulse’s mobile platform, both domestically and internationally.

“Mike Escobedo and Kelly Card have been esteemed members of the fitness industry for years,” stated Johnson. “We are honored and motivated by this expansion to our team.  ABC and our clients will truly benefit from their strategic guidance.”

About ABC Financial

Launched in 1981, ABC Financial has revolutionized software and payment processing for the health and fitness industry.   Headquartered in the Little Rock, Ark. area, ABC Financial serves approximately 8,000 clubs throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The company’s innovative club management software, DataTrak, is the most complete web-based software in the health and fitness industry. www.abcfinancial.com


Angel and Willy Baños Become Partners in PTontheNet and PTA Global

DENVER, CO – (July 7, 2016) – In a development impacting all levels of the fitness industry, fitness legends Angel and Willy Baños have become active partners in PTontheNet and PTA Global, the companies announced today.

PTontheNet is the world's largest and most comprehensive resource for fitness education and development encompassing a membership of personal trainers, group fitness instructors, wellness coaches, club and corporate organizations. 

Its affiliated company, PTA Global, emphasizes the behavioral sciences and human side of fitness and addresses the vital emotional aspects for clients and members. Angel and Willy Baños will bring both companies commitment and passion and a track record of relationships to support them.

“We want to make a bigger difference in the world,” said Chairman Neal Spruce who purchased PTontheNet and PTA Global earlier this year.  “Angel and Willy Baños bring incredible resources to the company - financial, distribution, product quality and credibility. We are thrilled to partner with them.”

The Cuban-heritage, American-born Baños brothers are the fitness industry’s version of the American dream. After eschewing the family garment business, which they found unsatisfying, they bought into Gold’s Gym in 1987. Ultimately, through innovation, commitment, consistency, and customer service they became the most successful Gold’s Gym franchisees in the world: Gold’s Gym SoCal Group.

In addition to running some of the most successful health clubs in the world, the Baños’ more recently were involved in Smart Fitness, a club-centric educational platform, from which they divested in late 2015.

PTontheNet and PTA Global are a great investment opportunity with a world renowned team,” said Willy Baños.  “We believe in their people,their approach, and the education and service they provide the fitness industry.”

Angel and Willy will reunite with Spruce and Karen Perlmutter, Director of Strategic Partnerships, with who they worked at Smart Fitness.  Perlmutter also worked with Spruce for 14 years at the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Spruce purchased and ran NASM in 1995 and sold it in 2010.

While their roles are still evolving, Angel and Willy Baños are primarily partners and influencers – contributing their health club operations expertise to content development.  It is anticipated that the Baños’ close relationships with many Gold’s Gym franchisees will be a significant impetus for those owners to consider PTontheNet and PTA Global.

“We bring key values and commitment that will develop clarity in the market place,” said Willy.  “We have education for every single club employee from trainer to maintenance. Most importantly, we will create educational trust in the fitness industry.  This is our number one priority.”

“I am truly honored to have Angel and Willy join our team,” said Spruce.  “We want to change lives and improve the world. They will help bring that element to our businesses.”

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