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Physically Active Doctors More Likely to Counsel Patients to Be Physically Active

Doctors who are physically active are more likely to counsel their patients to be physically active, according to new research conducted by the IHRSA Foundation and the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

The study, recently published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, collected survey responses from 412 sports medicine physicians. Of the doctors surveyed, 74% regularly recommended physical activity, 66% talked about exercise with patients, and 49% included it as a vital sign; only 26% provided a written exercise prescription.  

And when doctors do counsel their patients, they tend to recommend activities that are familiar to them; walking, followed by aerobic activity, strength training, and cycling were the most recommended forms of physical activity. Doctors cited time constraints and limited tools as the greatest challenges to counseling their patients on physical activity.

So what does this mean for clubs?
  1. Doctors recommend what they know. Invite doctors into your club so that they can experience all the different types of exercise programming that you have to offer.
  2. Doctors are short on resources. Develop ready-to-use informational materials on physical activity and exercise programming that doctors can share with their patients, or use materials IHRSA has already developed for you.
  3. Doctors are short on time. Offer your club and your staff as a resource for them. 

Coming Attractions! ACAC: A Medical-Alignment Role Model 

By Craig R. Waters

For nearly as long as I can remember, there have been animated discussions about emphasizing - focusing on - the medical benefits of regular exercise.

Clubs have been exhorted to introduce medically-oriented programs; to reach out to local physicians to obtain referrals; to align themselves with the healthcare community….

And much – but not nearly enough – has been done along those lines.

In the March issue of CBI, you’ll read about one club company that seems to have mastered this particular art form. The ACAC Fitness and Wellness Center(s), which has four “flagship” facilities in Virginia and Pennsylvania, has developed a unique Physician Referred Exercise Program (PREP) that has paid dramatic dividends:

Among them:

• More than 1,100 medical professionals have referred patients to ACAC facilities within the past year

• ACAC has averaged 280 new referrals per month for the past two years.

ACAC Owner Phil Wendel• Phil Wendel, the owner of ACAC, estimates that PREP sales have directly generated more than $12.6 million since the program was launched in 2004.

Want to know more? Want to know how Wendel and the ACAC team have done such an incredible job? Want to know how you can do something similar at your own club?

Keep your eye out for the March issue of CBI! You’ll find all that you need within its pages. But, in the meantime, check out the two PREP ads below.