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First International Business Forum Held in Russia

From left, Oleg Malis, CFO, MFitness, Vladimir Petlevanov, CEO MFitnessIn the end of June, for the first time in Russia, MFitness based in Moscow, along with Leila Timergaleeva, IHRSA Ambassador to Russia/CIS hosted the International Business Forum for club managers and directors, an event known as MForum 2015.

The event was held on June 24 in Moscow and on June 26 in Ekaterinburg. More than 300 industry professionals attended the event in both cities. The day-long event opened with Timergaleeva’s presentation on the international fitness trends and statistics based on IHRSA research.  Precor, MForum 2015 sponsor, gave all attendees a Russian-language edition of The IHRSA Global Report.

In addition to Timergaleeva, attendees heard from international renowned speakers:

Justin Tamsett – Managing Director of Active Health Club and Active Fitness Centre in Australia, leader and manager of the Active Management program. Tamsett is renown on the international fitness market as an idea generator to drive better service and performance.

Alan Leach – is a veteran of sales and marketing with 30+ years experience in the fitness field. Currently Leach is the Regional manager and Sales Director of West Wood Clubs chain in Ireland. Three of his clubs have approximately 20,000 members. Together with Tamsett, Leach is an active lector and presenter at IHRSA events.

David Barton – One of the most provocative figures on the international fitness market, Barton is the founder and creator of the “DavidBartonGym” multi-club operator in the United States. To many, Barton’s vision completely changed the idea of club appearance by combining art and fitness.

David Barton and Leila TimergaleevaAmong the attendees was Natalia Vlasova, the Director of Sport Industry of Chamber of Commerce, St. Petersburg.  

"We started working on the idea for the event when Russia was in deep financial crisis," said Timergaleeva. "Some people told us we were crazy. And we were. However, we did not want to hold back on providing education and professional growth," she said. "The result was an amazing event where everybody, MFitness, Precor, IHRSA, the attendees - were energized and came away with new ideas, new friends and valuable experience."

"There's clearly a high level of demand within the Russian fitness industry for educational content," said Precor’s Nick Jeneway. "Precor is excited about continuing to work with MFitness and IHRSA to fulfill this demand, help fitness operators to become more effective, and facilitate growth in the industry."

The enthusiastic response in Moscow and Ekaterinburg ensures that MFitness will organize the MForum again next year.  "In 2016, MForum will once again deliver high-level education to even more cities in Russia," said Timergaleeva. "And of course, IHRSA will be there!"