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Invisible Monsters: What You Can’t See Can Hurt Your Fitness Business 

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by K&K Insurance.

These days being viral is a good thing. Every health club marketing pro is eager to create content that will be passed along via social media channels, each “share” creating exponential growth in brand awareness.

You know what you don’t want to go viral? Viruses. Also bacteria, and all those other invisible little monsters lurking in your club.

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And The Worst Gym Fail of All Time Is...

This is a Club Business Exchange featured post, brought to you by K&K Insurance.

If you've ever watched "gym fails" on YouTube you've seen some of the ridiculous, unfortunate things people do with fitness equipment. Imagine them doing something like that at your health club. 

It’s almost inevitable. As much effort as you put into safeguarding every inch of your club, humans are going to be humans. It would seem that mishandling gym equipment is epidemic, especially with CrossFit popularizing Olympic lifts, kettlebells, and other advanced training techniques. 

Statistics back this up. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, injuries caused by exercise and exercise equipment increased to almost 45% from 2007 to 2010. That’s a ton of liability exposure to health club operators, who also have to worry about the usual slip-and-falls and other routine concerns of business owners. If you’re not protected, you could lose it all. One person’s clickbait is another person’s business catastrophe. 

How to Lose Your Club in One Easy Step 

There’s an army of personal injury attorneys ready to take advantage of that tumble off the treadmill. Go ahead, Google “accidents in health clubs” and meet them. The threat is real. The worst gym fail of all is not protecting yourself from gym fails. 

Obviously, health club operators are uniquely vulnerable. What may not be obvious is that you can get coverage specifically designed for the unique needs of your gym. 

Insuring health clubs is a specialized service not well-suited to routine risk-assessment of your standard, everyday company, but that’s where K&K Insurance is most comfortable. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, K&K has been covering health clubs for almost as long as the health club industry has existed. The company was founded more than 60 years ago by husband and wife Nord and Teddi Krauskopf, motorsports enthusiasts who discovered that it was nearly impossible to get insurance for their hobby. So they decided to create a company that could cover those considered to be engaged in high-risk activities. 

Eventually, the company moved into other leisure sporting pursuits, which naturally led to K&K creating insurance products for the health club industry. Today, the company is considered the leading provider of sports, leisure, and entertainment insurance for everything from campgrounds to martial artists. And, yes, they still cover motorsports. 

To learn more about K&K Insurance and their products for health clubs, visit With the right coverage comes peace of mind. And shouldn’t health club operators be able to laugh at gym fail videos like the rest of us? IHRSA 2016 attendees in Orlando are invited to visit K&K Insurance at Booth #1400 on March 22-23.