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How to Make Your Gym’s Brand Work as Hard as You

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by Iron Grip.

Your gym’s brand never rests. It has to keep working even after you close the doors and turn off the lights of your facility every night. In a highly competitive marketplace, you can’t miss any opportunity to build and protect your brand.

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Why Your Cardio Equipment Is the Heart of Your Health Club

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by Spirit Fitness.

The Urban Dictionary, that online anthology of streetwise slang and meme culture, has an entry simply titled: “Don’t be gentle, it’s a rental.” This is a reference to a certain type of consumer attitude about the disposable nature of rental cars: “I don’t own it, so why care about it?” 

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5 Signs Your Gym’s Treadmill Belt is Finished 

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by SPORTSMITH.

On top of the list of things that annoy health club members is encountering an unoccupied machine with a sign saying, “Out of Order.” One popular article from Men’s Fitness magazine called “10 Reasons to Dump Your Gym” listed “broken equipment not getting fixed on time” at number one. 

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Fitness Equipment Manufacturers Team with Apple for Gym Connect

Innovations in fitness technology have revolutionized the health club experience, with exercise equipment and wearable fitness trackers getting exponentially smarter. Tech-inclined fitness enthusiasts can now access detailed workout data at their fingertips. The only problem? Metrics on the treadmill and their wrist never quite match up.

That’s where Apple’s Gym Connect comes in. The new feature, which will be available on WatchOS 4 in the fall, aims to solve the data disconnect for Apple Watch users.

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Research Shows Functional Fitness Can Improve Overall Health

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by TRX.

Health clubs contend with new training systems on a regular basis, and the pace seems to be picking up. One of the largest growth categories is “functional training,” a term that’s a catch-all for a number of styles that utilize a variety of unique training tools like kettlebells, medicine balls, and bodyweight exercise—like TRX Suspension Training—that model natural movement.

Does it work? On an empirical level, results vary, as the saying goes. But what does the scientific research say?

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Upgrading Your Health Club’s Equipment? Consider Creative Lease Financing

This is an associate feature post, sponsored by Iron Grip.

What are the main reasons members stay loyal to a health club? Friendly and knowledgeable staff; trainers and instructors who keep members feeling welcome and engaged; a convenient location; a clean, well-maintained environment that feels like a relaxing refuge from the hustle of daily life.

Of course you’ve got these things covered on daily basis.

But did you know that one of the top drivers of member loyalty is new, high quality fitness equipment—and plenty of it?

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This Week in the Fitness Industry: Pittsburgh Steelers Upgrade Weight Room with PRIME Fitness Equipment

Pittsburgh Steelers Upgrade Weight Room with PRIME Fitness Equipment
The Pittsburg Steelers recently unveiled their new weight room at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex—a $10 million upgrade that features a variety of equipment, such as power racks, strength machines, and cardio equipment. Pennsylvania-based PRIME Fitness, owned by Specialty Fitness Systems, makes up a large portion of the strength equipment in the new weight room, according to a press release. “It’s an honor and privilege to have our equipment in the Steelers training facility,” said Rod Griffin, the president of Specialty Fitness Systems. “Being located so close to Pittsburgh, the majority of our 130+ employees are passionate about their beloved Steelers, so having the opportunity to play a role in the future success of the organization is something very special to our entire team.” 

Part of the revamped UPMC Rooney Sports Complex features what the team has dubbed “Rack Row,” named for the rows of PRIME Steel power racks. “The PRIME Steel Power Racks play a large role in our daily training, so-much-so that we’ve added 6 of them in our rack row,” said Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Garrett Giemont. “PRIME Steel Racks combine both user and trainer features that are unlike anything else in the market, couple that with the durability and stability of American made quality – it makes for a perfect fit in our facility.”

Blink Fitness to Open its 50th Gym in December
Five years after Blink Fitness opened its first facility in 2011, the company is preparing to open its 50th gym in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn this December, according to a release. Blink, a subsidiary of Equinox, attributes this growth to the fitness industry veterans at Equinox recognizing the appeal of a luxury fitness experience in the value space. “They put the member experience first by focusing on design, emphasizing customer service, ensuring cleanliness, and providing superior equipment—all while offering memberships at a low cost (starting at just $15 per month),” the release states. “And the numbers prove that Blink was on to something: membership has more than tripled since the end of 2013 and revenue has more than doubled over the last two years. Blink’s unique value proposition has allowed the business to emerge within the high volume, low priced (HVLP) segment while competitive gyms in the mid-tier price range are contracting.” 

Steve Nash Fitness Clubs Appoints New President and COO
SNFW Fitness BC Chairman and CEO Leonard Schlemm announced on Thursday that the organization appointed Chris Smith to President and COO of Steve Nash Fitness Clubs and UFC Gym. Smith joined the SNFW organization in 2010, relocating to British Columbia from the U.S. to assume the position of Vice President of Sales and Fitness. In 2014, he was named chief operating officer, managing operations for the brands 21 locations across BC, and was instrumental in the successful launch of the first UFC Gym located in Kelowna. "Chris is an exceptional leader with deep industry knowledge and experience who has done a truly impressive job since he initially joined the company,” Chairman Leonard Schlemm said. “With four new clubs opening over the next six months, we are excited to have Chris take on the additional role of President."

IHRSA Seeks Members for Innovation & Technology Advisory Council
We’re creating an advisory council on technology and innovation in order to ensure that IHRSA members have the necessary information and resources they need to capitalize on innovation and technology trends in their businesses. “Technology is changing the customer journey and the perception of brands,” says Rasmus Ingerslev, chair of IHRSA board of directors. “The next 20 years of technological development will match the last 100 years. The health club industry’s traditional four walls are being affected by wearables, tracking, streaming, and online exercise. This doesn’t mean the health club industry can’t compete, just that the industry must stay alert and up-to-date on these trends to become and remain relevant.” Learn more about the Innovation & Technology Advisory Council and how you can apply.


Introducing F.I.T. 2017: IHRSA’s Commercial Fitness Guide

“It is only by looking back to the past, and it is only by looking forward to the future, that we can develop a sound sense of where we stand today.” 

Given that this letter appears in the new 2017 edition of F.I.T., it seems appropriate that, with respect to the past, we flip back through the pages of this publication until we arrive, finally, at the very first issue, which appeared in 1997.

The cover featured a charming photo of the husband-and-wife team of Tim and Elizabeth Rhode, who, at the time, were the proud new owners of the Maryland Athletic Club and Wellness Center (The MAC), in Timonium, Maryland, which had just opened the year before.

Predictably, Volume 1 Issue 1 was ambitious, energetic, and optimistic—okay, cocky—but, we thought, with good reason. We described it as “a modest offering, but one borne of, and driven by, grand goals.” Our objective, we explained, was “to do the best possible job of familiarizing readers with what’s out there—what’s currently being manufactured and sold—to make the job of finding the right product for a particular (club) application just a little bit easier.”

We think that we succeeded.

That issue, weighing in at 80 pages, contained photos and descriptions of 150 items produced by 75 different companies.

Turning to the future, I’m tempted to focus on IHRSA’s 36th Annual International Convention & Trade Show, which will take place in four months, on March 8-11, in Los Angeles. My emphasis, for the moment: the Trade Show.

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Best Practices: How Much Should I Spend on Fitness Equipment? 

The following post was written by Melissa Rodriguez for our Best Practices series.

Question: As an independent health club operator, how much should I spend on each type of equipment each year?

That’s a good question to ask. I’m sure you’re well aware of the important role that equipment plays in attracting and maintaining members. According to The IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report, eight of the top 10 club attractions cited by members are equipment-related.

Facilities responding to IHRSA’s 2015 Equipment Survey—the basis for The IHRSA Health Club Equipment Report—said they spent an average of $84,172 on new fitness equipment in 2015. Specifically, fitness-only clubs spent an average of $92,000, while multipurpose clubs spent $88,000. Nearly half of annual equipment spending (45.9%) was allocated to cardio machines.

It’s also important to note that the top-performing clubs reported spending more on fitness equipment than others in the overall sample. In fact, those clubs ranked in the top 50% in terms of EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization), spending an average of $90,655.

In addition, determining the most productive use of a club’s square footage is another critical business decision. Among those responding to the survey, cardio equipment commanded the most space at 20.1%, followed by traditional strength equipment at 15.7%. Group exercise and functional-training areas were allotted 12.1% and 8.2% of the space, respectively.

Finally, The IHRSA Health Club Equipment Report, sponsored by Precor, reported that the average club has 19.2 group cycling bikes, 15.4 treadmills, 11.5 ellipticaltrainers,92 dumbbells, and 12.8 barbells.

Melissa Rodriguez
Senior Research Manager
Boston, MA 




The 2016 IHRSA European Congress in Photos

Hundreds of fitness industry professionals from dozens of countries attended the IHRSA European Congress in Seville, Spain, this week. The four-day event was packed with education sessions, networking events, leading equipment and service providers, and, of course, an A-list crowd. 

For those who couldn't join us, we compiled some photo highlights from the event. 

The IHRSA Congress Heads to Spain

This year's event was held at the beautiful Hotel Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento in Seville.


Networking and Reconnecting with Friends  

Over the course of the Congress, there were plenty of opportunities for attendees to meet, catch up, and discuss what they've learned.


UFIT Spain Launches

The launch of UFIT Spain was announced during the UFIT Conference on Monday. Universal Fitness Innovation & Transformation (UFIT) is a global social change movement, led by the UNESCO Chair in the Institute of Technology Tralee, Ireland, aiming to increase fitness opportunities for all, in particular people with disabilities.


Lessons from Lego

David Robertson, Ph.D., professor of practice at the Wharton School, global innovation and IT consultant, and author, provided insights on how to lead innovation across a company in his IHRSA European Congress keynote, “Innovation Management: The LEGO Story,” sponsored by Technogym.

Simultaneous translation in 7 languages at #ihrsacongress

A photo posted by IHRSA (@ihrsa) on Oct 17, 2016 at 5:35am PDT

Education in Seven Languages

The keynotes and education sessions were simultaneously translated from English into French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


2016 European Club Leadership Award

IHRSA Board Chair Rasmus Ingerslev presented Gabriel Saez, chairman and CEO of Ingesport/GO FIT, with the 2016 European Club Leadership Award on Monday. 


State-of-the-Art Fitness Equipment and Services

Attendees had several opportunities to meet one-on-one with leading suppliers of fitness equipment and services throughout the event.


Embracing Digital Technology

“In the current market situation it is no longer enough to offer good service—you need to adapt your business to a customer that is familiarized with technology, accustomed to mobility, and claiming services in line with the twenty-first century,” said Marcos Eguillor, managing partner of BinaryKnowledge and professor at IE Business School, during his IHRSA European Congress keynote address, sponsored by Keiser Fitness.


Hope to See You Next Year...

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