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Equinox buys remaining clubs from Millenium Partners

Equinox Fitness is making a big move in the higher-end fitness market.

Milllenium Partners has sold Sports Club/LA gyms in New York and four other cities, as well as the Reebok Sports Club/NY gym on the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Equinox, which now will have 73 locations.

The $110 million deal will increase the number of Equinox clubs, mostly in major U.S. cities like New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

For more on the sale and Equinox, visit the the the Equinox website.


Different kind of spin class has plenty of soul

SoulCycle is all the rage. Aside from being amazingly beneficial as a workout, it also provides many with a place for therapy and a high they have never experienced before.

The idea - a spin class taken up a few notches - was born out of a lunch with co-founders Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice, set up by their spin instructor and former co-founder Ruth Zukerman. The classes, whcih cost $30+ and sell out within minutes, are held in dark and hot studios. The music is loud and riders pedal on the beat and follow along to choreography while instructors offer yogic inspiration.

SoulCycle, which recently partnered with Equinox Fitness Clubs, now has 14 locations, with at least 17 planned for 2013.

For more, read the New York Magazine article


Equinox, CrossFit, ABC Financial among This Week in the Fitness Industry items

There is quite a variety in This Week in the Fitness Industry today. 
  • Could the CrossFit owners' divorce jeopardize the popular business?
  • New preisdent at Equinox has impressive background.
  • Capitol Hill wants America to get healthy but is not allowing it in its back yard.
  • New bells and whistles for club management software.

Read on for full details.


Quite a variety in This Week in the Fitness Industry 

IHRSA's online feature, This Week in the Fitness Industry provides you with the best of industry news every week. This week is no different.
From ways to find new workout groups to Toronto being the first Canadian location for an upscale American chain to how President Obama stays in shape as he hits 51 years old.
  • President Obama at 51
  • Equinox to open in Toronto
  • Cameron Diaz to pen fitness book
  • a great place to find workout partner
  • New and hot apps

Click here for This Week in the Fitness Industry.


Rowing Rejuvenated

Indo-Row with WaterRower

Every club operator strives to maximize the investment they’ve made in their facility—whether that’s utilizing square footage to the max, or seeing that no equipment goes unused. Speaking of dust-gatherers, rowing machines tend to top the list. Fortunately, Jay Blahnik, who co-created Indo Row, the hot new group-rowing program, has devised a way to spark member interest in rowing machines once more. CBI Associate Editor Patricia Glynn explains Blahnik’s inexpensive, practical, ingenious solution. Read more.

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When Time Stood Still

Industry perspectives on the shared experience of 9/11

September 11, 2001:

It is a date, a day in history, that will never be forgotten, but, now, on the 10th anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City and the Pentagon, in Washington, D.C., it’s particularly appropriate to reflect on that cataclysmic, world-altering event.

In 2001 and 2002, CBI published a number of articles about the aftermath of 9/11. One of those (see “Defining Moment,” September 2002 CBI, pg. 42) chronicled the experiences and emotions of individuals who operated health and fitness facilities in New York City at the time of the attacks.

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Changing Members’ Minds: Enhancing the Power of the Mind/Body Connection

 By Patricia Glynn

In the August issue of CBI magazine (available soon in your mailbox, and online), in the feature article titled “Mind/Body Makes Sense,” I explore the vast, ever-expanding genre of mind/body fitness club programming. From the more traditional offerings, such as yoga, to cleverly crafted innovations, such as Burlates Boudoir Fitness, a seductive coupling of Pilates with burlesque dancing, the options in this category seem virtually endless. And so, too, is the potential for profit.

But success, monetary or otherwise, doesn’t come without due diligence, without “going above and beyond, being different, and stepping out in front to lead.” In order to truly thrive, “being extraordinary,” explains Patricia Moreno, one of the many talented professionals I interviewed for the piece, is absolutely requisite.

 Moreno is the creator of the mindful technique she’s dubbed IntenSati, a combination of dance, aerobics, martial arts, strength conditioning, and yoga, which she currently teaches at New York City-based Equinox Fitness Clubs. Her classes are typically jam-packed, wall-to-wall women and men. Their popularity stems not only from the exceptional passion she infuses into her classes, but also from the inclusion of an element she believes is commonly missing in the gym environment: positive psychology. In Moreno’s case, she’s introduced encouraging verbal affirmations into the workout, thus engaging members’ minds in a wholly new, and ultimately very effective, way. Through her novel approach, she’s helping members reach goals that previously seemed unreachable. And, in the process, she’s also boosting adherence for new and long-term exercisers alike.

  “I had been teaching for 15 years and I loved it. But there came a point when I wanted to reach out to those who hadn’t already bought into fitness and to those who were maybe showing up, but who weren’t getting much out of the experience. I felt like there had to be a way to help those people who were struggling—either they were having a hard time staying committed to working out, or they were watching their weight constantly go up and down.”

While seeking a resolution, Moreno quickly ascertained that the common hyper-focus on diet and exercise alone just wasn’t cutting it. Such a physical-centric method was proving, for the most part, ineffectual. It also wasn’t doing much to inspire her students. Something, she believed, was missing. “I researched motivation techniques. I studied life coaching. And I began looking at the power of meditation and metaphysics. I began to understand how important our thoughts really are. We truly are what we think we are. And so if you can change how you think, the benefits, over time, can be astounding.”

In order to change their bodies, in order to invigorate her clients and take them to the next level, Moreno realized she needed to change their minds. She needed to train their physical body and their spirit in tandem. “I found that, with focused mental awareness and the repetition of a single, powerful, positive statement, people can achieve tremendous things. In fact, they can transform not just their bodies, but even their entire lives.”

 And indeed, her students, those faithfully chanting mantras—such as “I will succeed!”…“All I need is within me now!” and “I am strong!”—during the hour-long class, do find themselves transformed for the better. The vibe, the enthusiasm within the studio, is, she claims, highly infectious. “I’ve seen many participants gain a new sense of hope. They get excited and energized. They start focusing on what they can do and they finally believe they are strong enough to achieve almost anything. They leave behind their limiting thoughts and their self-doubt. I’ve seen that shift. When it happens, they’re able to finally lose those last 10 pounds. They snag the job they once only dreamed of having. They write the book they didn’t think they could write. They enter into relationships they’d always wanted to have but could never seem to achieve. And I know it sounds like a lot—I mean, ‘Wow, all that from an exercise class?’—but when people start believing in themselves, which this class helps them to do, it opens a door. It helps them make the changes they previously were unable to make.” And, as her students succeed, as they achieve their goals, as they keep coming back for more, Moreno and, in turn, Equinox Fitness simultaneously excel.

Of course, as with most new regimens, especially one that’s very much outside the box, there have been doubters. Moreno, however, full of enthusiasm and certain of the effectiveness of IntenSati, quickly assuages her naysayers. “At first, a lot of people, and even clubs, don’t think this will work and don’t want to try it. It’s awkward and different. People don’t feel comfortable shouting out positive statements in the middle of an exercise class. But for those accustomed to talking to themselves in a harsh, critical way—which, unfortunately, is most people—it’s enormously empowering. And once they try it, they are genuinely moved by it. It’s not uncommon for participants to start crying in the middle of a workout.” The marriage of spoken positivity with sweat-inducing movement is, she attests, “a powerful combination. What you say, over and over, becomes belief.”

Ultimately, Moreno would love to see more trainers exploring the principles of life-coaching and hopes mind-shifting work will become ubiquitous throughout the industry. “I want this to be in all gyms, in schools, in rehab facilities—any place where people need a lift.”

Are you and your staff going “above and beyond” by training your members’ bodies and minds?

Patricia Moreno's new book, The IntenSati Method: The Seven Secret Principles to Thinner Peace, is available for purchase online.

- Patricia Glynn is associate editor of CBI magazine and can be reached at

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