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Reduce Your Gym’s Electricity Costs on Summer Peak Demand Days

This post was originally published by APPI, an IHRSA group purchasing supplier.

The pool at Active Sports Clubs

You can greatly benefit from reducing energy consumption on the five days of the year when the highest demand on the electricity grid occurs. Peak demand typically arises in afternoon hours during summer months.

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10 Tips to Reduce Energy Costs for Health Clubs

From lighting to heating and cooling, energy bills can add up—resulting in a major operating expense for health clubs. Luckily, you can take several steps to cut energy costs and, ultimately, benefit your bottom line.

Here are 10 easy, fast, and permanent ways to reduce electricity costs from APPI Energy, an IHRSA group purchasing supplier.  

  1. Lighting. Replace outdated incandescent light bulbs with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or compact florescent light bulbs. Install occupancy sensors so lights will only operate when motion is detected. 
  2. Heating/Cooling. Adjusting the temperature in your club by only a few degrees can significantly lower energy costs. Many electricity utility companies offer financial incentives for upgrading HVAC systems. 
  3. Demand Response Program. Receive payments for voluntarily reducing electricity usage during peak demand times. This also benefits the grid system and the environment. 
  4. Efficiency Project. Upgrade your facility and equipment. Install energy efficient appliances and machines. Many state governments and electricity utility companies offer financial incentives and reimbursements for clubs to save energy.
  5. Reduce Consumption. Schedule operations for off-peak hours. Use an on-site generator. Shut down equipment whenever possible. 
  6. Energy Audit. An efficiency expert can evaluate your club and procedures, and identify ways to increase efficiencies, including peak load scheduling, upgrading HVAC systems, and upgrading to advanced metering technology. 
  7. Energy Data Tracking. Online energy management systems track and report energy costs and consumption. Benchmarking tools measure efficiency projects. Clubs can be compared to similar locations to identify ways to cut costs. 
  8. Review Your Energy Bill. Ensure you pay the correct price per kilowatt hour. Look for added costs and line items. 
  9. Fixed Price. Mitigate risk exposure to volatile energy prices by using a fixed-price electricity supply contract.
  10. IHRSA Member Benefit. Since 2002, IHRSA has endorsed APPI Energy to provide data-driven procurement and consulting solutions to members. APPI Energy reviews thousands of supplier prices every day to deliver true apples-to-apples comparisons.  For a courtesy evaluation, contact 800-520-6685 or

Healthtrax saving energy, money

Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness is proving that a medium-sized business can save eneregy and money at the same time.

The chain that is located in eight states, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Maryland, took part in one of the many energy efficiency programs funded by electric and natural gas utility companies.

The result was more than $1 million in savings, while Healthtrax did not incur much out-of-pocket expenses. World Energy Solutions was able to help the company get better energy prices as well as retrofitting mechanical, lighting and energy management systems.

Of course there was also the energy savings, too.

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Burn calories, not energy

A new club in Santa Barbara wants to help conserve energy but it is not asking it from their members.

AC4 Fitness, which opened about a month ago, has many energy saving features like LEED-certified giant fans that cuts down on air conditioning, tanning booths that are the most energy efficient, and even cardio machines that produce energy for the building.

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