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Crunch Supports Puerto Rico with Group Exercise Fundraiser

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico this September it devastated homes, businesses, and whole communities. The fallout is still being felt throughout the island, including at health clubs like Crunch. 

“We have amazing franchisees in Puerto Rico who had their clubs back open to serve the communities within in 11 days and they wanted to do as much as they could to support the people of Puerto Rico, and we wanted to support them in that effort,” says Ben Midgley, CEO of Crunch Franchise. “Puerto Rico loves Crunch and we love Puerto Rico.” 

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A New Role for Cristiano Ronaldo: Crunch Fitness Franchisee 

Real Madrid star forward Cristiano Ronaldo is adding a new role to his resume—health club franchisee.

As one of Crunch Fitness’ newest regional franchisees, the soccer phenomenon intends to transform his new signature initiative—CR7 Crunch Fitness—into a winning brand in Spain and Portugal.

Club Business International spoke to Ronaldo—one of the world’s highest-paid and most popular athletes—about his new franchise, “workaholic” tendencies, and “Live Life Fit” philosophy.

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Dream Machines

Machine-based cardiovascular workouts—e.g., running on a treadmill— have long been a solitary, solo sort of affair. Now, however, club members no longer need to go it alone.

Today, the equipment on your cardio floor is muscling its way into the group fitness studio. This relatively new phenomena is enticing clients to sweat more and giving clubs a significant upgrade in terms of retention and secondary revenue.

The way you offer group fitness might never be the same again.

New roles for machines

First, there were the bikes.
Group cycling, now nearly three decades old, is still going strong, and seems to be unstoppable. In fact, wheels are spinning feverishly, not only in traditional clubs, but also in facilities dedicated to the practice. For instance, Soul Cycle, based in New York City, has more than 40 studios across the U.S., staging classes that are consistently sold out, and is planning to expand in Europe.

Given this, the question many in the industry are asking is: If bikes can do it, why not other types of equipment, too?

As a result, manufacturers, club owners and operators, and fitness professionals are all looking at equipment in an entirely new way, and weighing the promising possibilities.

Treadmills are, perhaps, the front-runners in this growing trend. Crunch Fitness, the ever-entertainment- minded, New York–based brand, offers sessions such as Tread N’ Shed and Runway, both of which utilize treadmills. And Orangetheory Fitness, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida–based fitness franchise, features a 60-minute workout that employs treadmill-based intervals.

“People want to train smarter. And harder,” points out Deborah Warner, the founder and program director of the Mile High Run Club (MHRC), a 4000-square-foot boutique treadmill studio in New York City. “They’re eager for better results, and these classes deliver them.” Her facility, open 7 days a week from as early as 6 a.m. until as late as 9 p.m., offers classes such as Dash28.

The 45-to-60-minute classes cost $34 each.

Warner is a former instructor for Equinox, the Manhattan-based chain that offers its own take on group treadmill classes as part of its Precision Running program, and which, coincidentally, also operates Soul Cycle.

For Warner, machine-centric group workouts
 are definitely not a passing trend. “There’s great
potential here to equal the success of group
cycling,” she contends. “The music, the lights, the group dynamic, the accountability, and the coach
who guides and inspires you—they make this a
compelling option with definite staying power.”

It also appeals to a wide demographic. “We’re attracting beginners, as well as the advanced, elite, competitive runners,” she explains. “There are far more indoor runners than indoor cyclists, and treadmills are actually the No. 1 most popular type of cardio equipment.”

MHRC makes use of 30 treadmills provided by Woodway USA, and, Warner reports, “They’re in a league all their own—built like a tank.”


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Crunch, BDA Sports Management Forge Relationship

Crunch Fitness has partnered with a top sports management company to allow its clients to operate franchises.

BDA Sports Management, with NBA clients Joakim Noah, Klay Thompson, Rajon Rondo and many others, and Crunch has already produced many new locations in California.

"The unprecedented partnership BDA Sports has cultivated with Ben Midgley and Crunch Franchise offers the company and its clients an opportunity to be innovators in business while positively impacting communities of great importance," said Bill Duffy, founder and chairman of BDA. "A key area of focus for BDA Sports is the creation of branded opportunities for its clients that not only position them for long-term financial stability, but also secures a legacy that will continue long after playing careers end."

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Crunch Fitness and Active Sports Clubs: Social Media Savvy Members

Two succss stories suggest how much clubs can accomplish!

Good looks and good health – they’re perhaps the top reasons why people join your club.

But they’re not usually why they stay.

In reality, the ties
 that bind are based on
 social interaction. The 
members who are 
likely to keep coming
 back for more are the
 ones who’ve connected socially with staff and other members. And today, one of the best ways to foster a stickier kind of relationship is to get your clients to click with you online on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These sites, and others like them, offer clubs an unprecedented, round-the-clock opportunity to develop enduring bonds ... because absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder.

Two IHRSA-member club companies that have done an exceptional job of utilizing social media, and have the scars and stats to prove it, are Crunch Fitness and the Active Sports Clubs (see “Club One? No, Active Sports Clubs!” July CBI, pg. 38). Crunch, based in New York City, has more than 100 locations in and around major metropolitan cities in the U.S., as well as Australia. Known for its novel, fun-based approach to fitness and its “No Judgment” philosophy, it’s currently one of the brands to follow.

Active Sports, the company that emerged from Club One, Inc., last February, is the handiwork of industry veterans Jill Kinney, Bill McBride, and Carey White. The company, based in San Francisco, operates 10 clubs in the Bay Area, and manages more than 45 corporate, community, and hospital-based fitness centers throughout the country.

The two of them, taken together, provide an instructive, coast-to-coast case study of what it takes for clubs to succeed socially in this brand-new and still morphing digital age.

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The Fun Factor

There’s a nasty little secret in our industry, and it has nothing to do with pricing, or contracts, or trainer certifications, or the cleanliness of your club.
The secret: Most people don’t enjoy exercising. In fact, many of them actually dislike working out. That’s the naked, unvarnished truth. Fortunately, there is a solution: making exercise fun and entertaining.

Turning club-based physical activity into something that’s engaging and enjoyable will keep members coming through your doors over and over again. That’s good for them—and it’s good for you.
We know that’s true, in theory, but how can you make exercise and entertainment synonymous in reality? For suggestions, CBI interviewed six industry thought leaders to get their take on how to achieve that golden goal—with and without the use of technology.

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Crunch Owner Opens Third Florida Location

One of the newest Crunch franchises opened last month in Bloomingdale, Fla. on the site of a former Lifestyle Family Fitness club.

The 32,000-square-foot facility features $750,000 worth of equipment, including some 100 cardiovascular machines, Elite power racks, a boxing studio, and a sauna. More than 60 classes, including Zumba, SilverSneakers, and Pilates sessions are offered.

Members who choose the $19.95 monthly membership rate enjoy the added benefit of unlimited guest passes and tanning. An onsite kids’ club provides activities for children, while their parents work out, for $29 a month, space permitting.

Together, the new owners, Vince Julien and Tony Scrimale, have more than 50 years of experience in the fitness industry. Scrimale also owns two Crunch franchises in Sarasota and Carrollwood, Fla.


New IHRSA members come from all over

Each month IHRSA welcomes its new members by listing them in CBI magazine.

Club names, contacts, addresses and contact information are usually listed. This is a great opportunity for current members to reach out to their peers, or maybe even neighbors. 

Crunch, in California, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida, and Fitness World in Denmark dominate the list but, of course, all are equally important to us.

Check out the most recent list in CBI.


Crunch opens upstate N.Y. location

Crunch, the health club chain known for its “No Judgments” philosophy and blending of fitness and entertainment, opened its first Hudson Valley, N.Y., location in June.

Located in Poughkeepsie, the 22,000-square-foot, two-story facility features new state-of-the art fitness equipment, supervised by nationally certified personal trainers; group fitness classes, including BodyWeb with TRX, BOSU Bootcamp, Zumba, and more; fully appointed locker rooms; a 2,700-square-foot group fitness studio; and Kids Crunch childcare. An online fitness and nutrition program powered by dotFIT, free tanning, and HydroMassage also are available.

“There’s no other fitness facility available that offers this much variety and value to its members,” says Crunch Poughkeepsie franchisee, Ed Kreuscher, a 20-year fitness industry veteran.

Headquartered in New York City, Crunch serves over 300,000 members with 84 gyms worldwide, including 53 franchise locations throughout the U.S. and Australia.


Crunch's first Bronx location a hit

Within six weeks of its opening in mid-March, a new Crunch franchise in Norwood, a neighborhood in the Bronx section of New York City, had signed up some 3,000 members, franchisee Assaf Gal notes with obvious satisfaction.

The new club embodied several “firsts.” It’s the first Crunch franchise in the Bronx, and the 29-year-old exercise aficionado’s first foray into the fitness business.

The 15,000-square-foot facility features state-of-the-art cardio and strength training equipment, full-service locker rooms, tanning, and HydroMassage beds. A variety of Crunch’s signature group exercise classes - including BOSU Bootcamp, Yoga Body Sculpt, and BodyWeb with TRX - are conducted in its expansive group fitness studio. Certified personal trainers provide members with personalized workout and eating plans; access to an online fitness and nutrition portal helps members stay on track outside the club’s walls.

“The neighborhood has been so receptive,” Gal enthuses. “Our members are so pumped up about the fact that Crunch is in the Bronx. They love the classes, of course, but I didn’t realize how many people would use the tanning and HydroMassage.”

Based in New York City, Crunch has 88 clubs worldwide, including 57 franchise locations in the U.S. and Australia, that serve more than 300,000 members.