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Selling a Better Life: Where Personal Training Meets Revenue 

The following is an excerpt from “How to Increase Trainer Revenue: Volume 1,” available for free on the IHRSA Exclusive Member Content App.

Few necessities in running a business are as fraught with as many contradictions as “sales.”

As consumers, the term “salespeople” can have negative connotations because of bad experiences in retail and telemarketing. Who hasn’t had a shopping experience disrupted by an aggressive salesperson who shadows you as you browse or badgered you into looking at a more expensive option? 

People don’t enter their phone numbers into “do not call” registries because they love receiving calls from salespeople. The image of the used car salesman in a leisure suit pushing a lemon on suspecting buyers is a cliché that never dies.

Selling a Better Life

Of course, the reality is that selling is an essential part of any business that offers products or services, and that includes health clubs. The good news for health club owners is that the product they’re offering to current and potential members is nothing less than a better life. Improved health and fitness helps people increase quality of life and longevity, and that applies to men and women of all ages and abilities. 

But getting people in the club is only part of the solution. Helping members achieve their goals is the greater challenge. That’s where personal trainers come in. A club’s personal trainers are the on-site experts who guide individuals and groups to reach their objectives.

Teaching Trainers to Sell

Of course, personal trainers are hired for their expertise in exercise instruction, physical therapy, and/or nutrition. Ability to sell is a secondary skill that many trainers haven’t mastered for a number of reasons. Some trainers excel at sales, while others find it difficult, even demeaning. That’s a problem, because personal training is a key revenue stream for most clubs.

Finding ways to increase sales should be a priority. Club owners need to provide trainers with the tools that will help them improve their sales potential and attract new clients. And clubs need to educate members of the benefits of personal training, and develop promotions and incentives to motivate members to utilize this valuable club resource.

About the ‘How to Increase Trainer Revenue’ E-book

The “How to Increase Trainer Revenue: Volume 1” e-book will look at ways to boost your personal training business for individual clients and group sessions. Having a great product to sell is only part of the solution.

The e-book includes:  

  • Part One: Personal Training: An Essential Revenue Stream for Clubs
  • Part Two: Getting Creative: Club Strategies to Sell Personal Training
  • Conclusion: Building a Strategy that Puts Relationships First 

If you’re an IHRSA member, simply request a log-in, download the IHRSA Exclusive Member Content App from the App Store or Google Play, and find this e-book and more in the Exclusive Content section.