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Boost Your Fitness Center’s Bottom Line with Impulse Items

This is an associate feature post, sponsored by 5-hour ENERGY.

Retailers have known for decades that the checkout area is the most valuable part of their stores.

All customers spend time at a checkout lane or counter, making it prime real estate for impulse items. These small-but-useful items grab attention and are priced to make the purchase decision easy for customers. By stocking impulse items, fitness center operators can also reap the bottom line benefits that retail stores enjoy.

What Impulse Items Should Your Club Display?

In most fitness centers, members funnel into the check-in area rather than a checkout counter. This is a great spot to set up a display of impulse items. But which items should you display?

All impulse items do one thing—they satisfy an immediate and acute need or desire. Think about the things your members might need or want before and after working out. They may be hungry, so offer healthy, quick-to-eat snacks such as protein bars and nuts. They may have forgotten their deodorant or toothpaste, so offer travel-size personal items.

Consider What Will Sell Well in a Fitness Setting 

Another way to decide which impulse items to carry is to find out which items sell well at retail and also make sense in a fitness center setting. One brand that fits this profile is 5-hour ENERGY—it’s well-known and can provide some much needed energy for your members before or after a workout.

Now the makers of 5-hour ENERGY shots are offering a product that combines energy and protein in one convenient package. 5-hour ENERGY Protein shots not only provide the familiar energy boost, but also 21 grams of whey isolate/vegetable protein.

Club stores such as Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s are excellent places to buy impulse items, including 5-hour ENERGY at wholesale prices. Plus, club packs are often designed with the reseller in mind, coming in packages that are ready for display on counter.

Finding the product mix your members will respond to will take some trial and error, but once established, can reap much-needed revenue. Your members will appreciate it, too.