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How to Protect Your Health Club from Wildfires

The risk of wildfires is currently high and no region of the U.S. is excluded from this danger. Here is some information to help you lower your health club’s risk and damage from wildfires from Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY), an IHRSA group purchasing supplier. 

While the western states have the greatest predicted potential for wildfires, areas in the Southeast have experienced wildfires in recent years. California has declared a State of Emergency due to drought conditions. The drought produces drier conditions and increases the probability of wildfires. 

U.S. Drought Map 

Brush Fires 

Smaller than wildfires, there are three ways a brush fire can attack a building:  

  1. Flying embers blown by the wind ignite combustible external elements (most common)
  2. Fire spreads from the bush to walls of the structure
  3. Heat from flames causes building to catch fire  


Recommendations for protection:  

  • Create and maintain defensible space around your property
  • Strategically place fire-resistant plants to resist the spread of fire
  • Cover chimneys with a screen
  • Ask your utility company to trim trees away from power lines
  • Check condition of fire extinguishers
  • Practice fire drills and emergency evacuation
  • Note the location of the closest fire hydrant or water supply 

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