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IHRSA 2016 Session Spotlight: Future-Proofing Your Club: Innovation of Technology and Your Business

There are a number of reasons a health club operator might not adopt innovative technology in their business, from having too much on their plate to worrying that they’ll invest in the wrong tech. But, in an increasingly competitive market, the right technology can be a key differentiator for health clubs. 

“It is all about having a clear value proposition and delivering the most value for money—regardless which segment of the industry you are in,” says Rasmus Ingerslev, founder and executive vice chairman of Wexer Virtual in Denmark. “Technology already plays significant part in the delivery and technology’s part will only increase.” 

Ingerslev, an IHRSA board member, will explain how health club operators can use technology to improve their business in his IHRSA 2016 session, “Future-Proofing Your Club: Innovation of Technology and Your Business”—a topic he discussed in the December issue of Club Business International

“The use of technology can do anything from reducing the cost of manual labor, which is important to the low-cost operators, to allowing clubs to interact with members in a more meaningful and personalized way, which is important in the high-end operators,” he says. “If you are not razor sharp on cost or in your member interaction in those two segments, respectively, your competitive position will be under significant pressure. Different technology for different businesses, but all businesses will need to embrace and adapt to new technologies on an ongoing basis to remain competitive.” 

The Monday, March 21, 3:15 - 4:15 p.m. session will help attendees:    

  • Explore why technology is changing our industry
  • Discover how technology is tearing down the four walls of your club
  • Review major technology trends impacting the fitness industry
  • Discuss failures and successes as a technology oriented entrepreneur
  • Obtain advice to prepare for the technology impact  

“I will provide an understanding of how technology is influencing and transforming multiple industries with an emphasis on the fitness industry,” Ingerslev says. “Additionally, I will show some of the technologies being used by early adopters globally and share my thoughts on how I believe technology will impact our industry—and which technologies may be the biggest influencers. Finally, I will share some of my success stories and failures in being an early adaptor of technology.” 

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