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Innovative Programming Strategies from 4 Fitness Industry Pros 

“How can I engage my members more intensely, more completely, more deeply?”

It’s a question that IHRSA club owners, operators, and fitness directors wrestle with constantly. They’re always on the lookout for that “certain something,” “X-ingredient,” or “wow factor” that will intrigue, excite, and energize their members.

Two of the key factors in offering that sort of programming, the experts agree, are change and surprise.

Members need and, more importantly, want new challenges that work different muscles and improve their cardiorespiratory fitness in unexpected ways. They’re looking to be stimulated—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Fortunately, our industry has never been short of creativity, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking. Its practitioners and suppliers are forever concocting inviting new programs, some of which put familiar concepts and equipment to fresh use, and some that evoke entirely new “can-you-believe-it!” fitness fantasies that involve brand-new products.

Here, to get your creative juices flowing, are examples from four inventive industry pros—Jonathan Cruz, of BURN Fitness, a successful, Boston-based studio; Mira Valeria and Aviva Baumann, of Santa Fe Thrive, a popular boutique in New Mexico; Alan Leach, the regional manager of the West Wood Health Club chain, based in Dublin, Ireland; and Tommy Matthews, the head of education at Escape Fitness Ltd., an IHRSA associate member based in Peterborough, England.

BURN Fitness: Reinventing Indoor rowing

If you have rowing machines somewhere in your club, are they being well utilized, or simply being used by a few members every now and then?

At BURN Fitness, a group exercise and personal training studio in Boston, clients use them often and enthusiastically. For 45 minutes three times a week, the posh, chandelier-embossed facility replicates the sculling activity on the city’s Charles River.

Two unique indoor rowing programs, Indo-Row and Circuit Row, simulate on-water rowing, an activity that’s particularly popular in the Boston area.

As the name implies, the Indo-Row class makes use of a program developed by Indo-Row, a Canton, Ohio–based provider, and equipment produced by WaterRower, a Warren, Rhode Island–based manufacturer and IHRSA associate member. The program calls for members to work as partners, in teams, and as an entire crew—capturing all of the qualities of competitive, on-water rowing. The class is engaging and fast-paced, and the machines, which are equipped with digital screens that detail exertion and progress, provide motivating feedback.

In Circuit Row, participants alternate stations and movements and incorporate Indo-Row with functional and other forms of training to deliver a satisfying full-body workout.

These sessions are novel, but they’re also effective, attests Jonathan Cruz, BURN’s founder and owner, as well as an instructor. “We always want to be on the cutting edge of fitness, and rowing classes are one of the hottest trends right now,” he says. “They also work.”

Cruz notes that the workout is appropriate for users of nearly all ages and fitness levels, is low-impact, and can burn up to 800 calories during a 45-minute session.
 To promote the programs, Cruz hangs banners inside the studio, posts on social media, and advertises in conjunction with the Head of the Charles Regatta, the largest two-day regatta in the world, which originates nearby at Harvard University in Cambridge.

To keep up with increasing demand, he’s doubled the size of his fleet of rowers, and plans to schedule more sessions. Individual classes cost $28, and packages are available.

Also attesting to the growing popularity of rowing is the fact that several manufacturers, including Life Fitness and Matrix Fitness, have recently introduced rowing machines.

Santa Fe Thrive: Groovin’ with Hip-Hop Cycle

If you’re looking to jazz up your indoor cycling classes ... envision this.

Every Thursday night, the music of artists such as 2Pac, E-40, and A Tribe Called Quest pulsates at Santa Fe Thrive in Santa Fe, NM.

No, it’s not a nightclub. It’s the 45-minute International Hip-Hop Cycle class at one of the area’s most popular hot yoga and cycling studios.

On most nights, Hip-Hop Cycle is a sell-out, its popularity driven largely by the fact that the city could use a good dance club where people can move, sweat, and blow off some steam, observes Mira Valeria, the club’s owner and director. “Our Hip-Hop class provides that experience.”

Aviva Baumann, the class instructor, echoes Valeria. “The music is loud, the lights are low, and the room is full of people who aren’t afraid to push their limits. Students can get rowdy or feel sexy and, then, ‘dance it out.’”

She points out that, in order to change up the tempo and keep everybody engaged, she creates a new playlist for each session.

Valeria notes that all of the grooving takes place on Schwinn AC Performance Plus bikes. “They’re chain-driven and have a sturdy, real-life feel,” she says.

Classes are sold individually for $17 or in packages, and are limited to 20 participants, so members must sign up online to reserve a spot. Nonmembers can sign up, too, at a drop-in rate. “This was our first offering that developed a regular wait list,” Valeria enthuses.

The heavy emphasis on music—both in Hip-Hop Cycle and Thrive’s other classes—reflects Valeria’s background. “I was a dancer growing up, and loved to move to music,” she explains. “I took cycling classes for years and enjoyed the physical workout. Then, I lived in Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona, two places where rhythm is inherent and music plays a dominant role in cycling classes.”
“Be yourself! Lead with your own musical tastes,” advises Baumann. “Don’t be afraid to be goofy. And ask your students what songs they want to hear.”

Continue reading "An Innovative Programming Quartet" in the December issue of CBI.

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