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Work Out, Intensely, at Your Desk

Everyone is looking at ways to get up out of their seat at work to break up the day, get some exercise and, depending on your job, avoid boredom.

How about a little high intensity interval training?

Exercise physiologist Sean Foy has written a new book, “The Burst! Workout: the Power of 10-Minute Interval Training,” which has mini-HIIT exercises like air boxing, marching and push-ups against the wall.

“Take a sedentary person and ask them to air box as quickly and as safely as they can and their heart rate will be elevated,” he said. “The key element is to progress so over time the body will become stronger.” 

High intensity workout at your desk (Reuters)

Crash test dummies to be larger, to match population

If this isn’t a sad reflection on our society, then who knows what is?

Maybe it will get more people to fight their battle with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle.

Humanetics, the sole producer of crash test dummies in the United States, are changing the look – with larger waistlines and buttocks, in order to match how Americans now look in order to better simulate car accidents and rescue efforts.

“An obese person has more mass around midsection and a larger rear which pushes them out of position. They sit further forward and the belt does not grasp the pelvis as easily,” said Chris O’Connor, CEO of Humanetics.

Crash test dummies getting new look (Yahoo!)

Classes attracting younger crowd

Boutique and niche studios are popping up everywhere. And many of them are offering classes for kids, as young as 8 years old.

Kids programs are certainly not new to the health and fitness industry. It’s just that there are more options. Zumba and CrossFit have been offering kids classes for a couple years, while SoulCycle also has offerings.

“As valuable as team sports are,” said mom Michele Minick, in a New York Times story, who has thgree sons.

Classes for kids (NY Tiimes)

Gatorade’s employees working up a sweat

When one thinks of Gatorade, images of finishing a workout, race or athletic competition come to mind

At the company a new program, G-Feat, allows employees to participate in one of three six-month fitness program tracks: endurance, strength training and fitness.  Two-thirds of the 150 employees participated.

It seemed to be a no-brainer for the company whose mission is to “make sure athletes increase their performance.”

The first-year initiative enables employees to know how those who consume their products feel.

“We are putting ourselves in the shoes of our consumers,” said Brett O'Brien, Gatorade's senior vice president and general manager. 

Gatorade sweating at work (Business Insurance)


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