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BBC documentary on gyms, diets getting plenty of attention

The BBC's documentary series, "The Men Who Made Us Fat," and its follow-up, "The Men Who Made Us Thin" is gaining a lot of momentum from both its critics and supporters.

The series looks into diets and whether they are long-lasting and healthy as well as how the gym and health club industry casn play a part.

The host, Jacques Peretti, talks to gym owners who explain how clubs are not only about losing weight but getting healthy which lessens the burden on health care. Also interviewed are Pepsi, Weight Watchers and more to find out what works, what companies are succeeding, etc.

Check out past episodes here. has an excerpt from the series.



Reader Comments (1)

Gyms tend to attract and only care for a very tiny proportion of the public, mainly those who need little attention, that is 15% of the population at most; the rest feel that they are not welcome; they are too young, too old, not fit enough, not handsome enough, or they have disability. Despite the different campaign to increase the number of fit people, most feel there is no place for them. I am born with bilateral deafness. I make a point to address those who feel out cast, but more ought to be done that just good intention. Gyms should be staffed with trainers that truly care and truly see the potential in everyone. Why not make a documentary on those who still don't fit and how their lives can be changed. Right now the gyms are fighting over memberships not really on how to get best and long lasting results. Personal trainers are not even employed with a basic, they are self-employed on zero hours contracts and can hardly feed themselves let alone give their full attention to clients. The population is not likely to get healthier in the current context. Contact me if you want to know more.
August 16, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterFrank Dewsnap

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