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Addressing offensive odors is not an easy task

Having to be next to someone who has body odor or wears too much of an offensive perfume or cologne is bad enough at work, on public transportation or at a store.

But at the gym it seems to go one more step too far, esepcially when it comes to an applied spray or liquid that really isn't necessary while working up a sweat and often looking and smelling your worst in the first place.

Justin Tamsett answers the age-old question on how to tell the offending person, in this week Best Practices.

Q: "Smell is a big issue at our club. There are some women who wear too much perfume that is irritating other members working out near them, as well as the common body odor issue that I'm sure most clubs face. How can we best address this sensitive area to reduce the number of complaints from other members?"


A: We sent an e-mail/newsletter to all the members and then specifically handed it to the all members at the times that were most offensive. The letter included suggestions such as: 

  • Please remember to bring an appropriate sized towel for every workout and to wipe down the equipment after use. 
  • We have NEW water bottles and bottles of drink available for purchase at Front Desk as well as a water bubbler located next to the lockers on the gym floor to keep well hydrated.
  • Please remember your personal hygiene. Owing to the size of the Club, we want every member’s workout to be a pleasant experience. Deodorant is a must!

One problem with body odor - good or bad - most people who have it don't realise it. So if the subtle letter does not help, then a conversation must be had.  

Justin Tamsett
Active Management

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