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Working With a Personal Trainer Has Many Benefits

This Week in the Fitness Industry is here, chock full of good information.

  • personal trainers are good for your health
  • China ready to make splash in fitness
  • become a better runner
  • children who exercise may think faster

Read it all in This Week in the Fitness Industry.

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Multistations Coming Into Their Own

Matrix MEGA rackAn increasingly heterogeneous user population and the growing popularity of functional training have forced these two categories of equipment to adapt, evolve, and improve.

Now, functional multistation units boast numerous stations, accommodating multiple exercisers; more cables and pulleys, enhancing freedom of movement; and special connections to support accessories such as heavy ropes, suspension straps, rings, and heavy bags.

“Clubs are looking for units that provide greater variety, which gives their members something new to do, and allows trainers to get creative,” observes Tom Baumler, the director of product management for Torque Fitness. The company’s M-Series Multi-Jungle is its answer to the demand.

MoveStrong has responded with its Functional Training Stations (FTS), which facilitate moves that expand on those of basic circuit rou- tines. “Members aren’t limited to a piece of equipment that can only be used one way,” points out Deanna Burks, a MoveStrong sales and mar- keting representative. “FTS programming allows members to attend classes and, if they like, never perform the same exercise twice.”

Go to CBI magazine online to read more and see the many options.


Concerned About Ebola? Here’s What You Need To Know

Updated 10/24/2014

Image c/o CDC Global http://flickr.com/CDCGlobal

Now that Ebola has reached the United States, the disease feels a little closer to home.

We have compiled some need-to-know information in order to be careful to make sure your members don't come in contact with it at your club, and what to do if it is found in your club.


Here is what is in this story:

  • What is Ebola?
  • How is Ebola Spread?
  • Why This Outbreak Has People Concerned
  • What Should You Do if Your Club is Exposed

 Click here to read more on Ebola.

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Many Members Stop By the IHRSA Booth at Club Industry 

Tom Hunt, left, IHRSA vice president of exhibit sales, talks to a Club Industry attendee on the trade show floor at the IHRSA booth. The first of two days at the Club Industry trade show saw a steady crowd.

The IHRSA booth (#133, between ACE and Hydromassage) was busy as well. IHRSA members Missy Moss of Nike Athletic Centers, Mark Stevens from The Houstonian Club and Ginger Collins of Gold’s Gym, were among those who stopped by.

The trade show is open today, Friday, Oct. 24, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. CDT.

IHRSA is giving away a chance at a free trade show pass for IHRSA 2015 34th Annual International Convention & Trade Show, which is Thursday, March 12, and Friday, March 13, at the booth. So be sure to stop by and get in on the opportunity. The event is March 11-14 in Los Angeles.



Many Opportunities for Competitive Senior Members

Want to “hook” your members who are age 50 and older? One way is to help them train for competition at the masters level.

Another way is to cater to those who, despite their age, remain fiercely competitive - whether or not they participate in organized events.

Read on to see what is available for senior members.

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Why Organizational Leaders Should Sign the CEO Pledge

 In this video, Dr. Jack Groppel, National Spokesperson for the CEO Pledge for Physical Activity, explains why organizational leaders should sign the pledge.

"The CEO Pledge was created to align Americas leaders to say that we must get america moving! Afterall who is more influential, not only in their own organization, but in their communities than our leaders? As the top leader in your organization, I am asking you to sign the CEO pledge today."

All business leaders are encouraged to SIGN THE PLEDGE and IHRSA members are invited to download a CEO Pledge Toolkit to get strategies on how to use the CEO Pledge to engage with business leaders in your communities.


Shula's Athletic Club Offers Thrive by Mike Boyle

Photo courtesy Shula's Athletic CenterShula’s Athletic Clubs is now offering the training program by Mike Boyle, the well-known celebrity and sports teams and players trainer, to its Miami Lakes location.

The site recently expanding its training facility and recently started to offer Boyle’s Thrive Functional Training System, which is personalized for different age groups and fitness levels.

“Its a very special day for the Miami Lakes fitness community,” said Bill Higgs, general manager of Shula’s, in a press release. “Our priority has always been to maintain the best fitness training facility in the area, offering the most cutting edge training methods. I am excited to see what new fitness heights our members will reach as we deliver the nation’s leading performance program at our newly expanded training facility.”

For more information, visit Shula’s blog.



Pennsylvania Health Clubs Work with IHRSA to Defeat Sales Tax

Advocates for healthy lifestyles earned a victory in Pennsylvania this past week, finishing off a two-year fight against a proposal to impose a sales tax on health clubs.

Last Thursday, Senate Bill 76 (76), which finances property tax reform with an expansion of the sales tax to a number of previously untaxed services - including those provided by health clubs - was officially laid to rest.

The bill gained some forward momentum in the closing months of the 2013-14 legislative session. However, health club operators responded by sending 115 messages to state lawmakers, asking them to oppose a tax on exercise. The industry’s grassroots campaign lent weight to the message that IHRSA, in conjunction with its lobbying team in Harrisburg, had delivered to each member of the state legislature throughout the session.
While the victory is great news for the industry and health lifestyles in the state, the celebration will be short-lived. Supporters of the bill intend to regroup over the coming months and make another push for property tax reform next year in the new two-year session. IHRSA is making its own preparations for a renewed fight on this issue.

For more on Pennsylvania news, health club laws and more, visit the IHRSA members-only Pennsylvania page.


IHRSA/Mercado trade show is open

IHRSA and Mercado Fitness cut the ribbon, opening the trade show.The trade show floor for the first IHRSA/Mercado Fitness Mexico City Conference & Trade Show did not disappoint.

Like all other IHRSA or Mercado Fitness events, the top companies with the latest and most innovative products were on display for the throngs of attendees.

Stay tuned here for more photos of the trade show, which goes on 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. CDT. Wednesday and Thursday.



Q&A with Monty Sharma, Curves/Jenny Craig CEO and President

North Castle Partners, a private equity firm that focuses on health, wellness and active living companies, purchased Curves more than two years ago and Jenny Craig a year ago. The transaction allowed North Castle to create a one-of-a-kind company that offers both fitness and wellness under one roof.

CBI magazine sat down with Monty Sharma, president and CEO, to see where the company is currently, as well as future plans. Read on to see Sharma's answers.

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