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Tweet of the Day: Lifetime Physical Activity Linked To Lower Rate of Dementia Related Cognitive Impairment


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Tweet of the Day: Thank You, Veterans 

This Monday clubs in the United States are celebrating Memorial Day, a day to reflect on the sacrifices made by current and former military in service to their country. IHRSA clubs support our military through programs like the Joining Forces Network, which offers a no-cost membership to the spouse and/or family of a deployed member of the National Guard.

IHRSA would like to learn more about how clubs are supporting current, former, and future military and first responders. Please fill out this brief survey and let us konw about the great work you're doing.

Tweet of the Day: Thank You!


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Tweet of the Day: High Intensity Exercise Has Heart Health Benefits

And it turns out tennis counts as higher intensity exercise. Many tennis facilities in the United States are offering "Try Tennis Free" initiatives during the month of May. Learn more.

Tweet of the Day: High Intensity Interval Training Produces Cardiometabolic Benefits


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Tweet of the Day: Consistency Builds Habit For New Gym Goers

Building a fitness habit is hard for many new health club members. A recent study found that those new to the gym can build a habit if they hit the gym four times a week for six weeks. A fun, welcoming environment was also key.

This study was published in the Health Benefits of Exercise Report. Did you konw we have a version for your members?

The Health Benefits of Exercise Report is a benefit of IHRSA membership, but we also have a quarterly edition that non-IHRSA members - and their members - can enjoy. Same great content, delivered four times a year.

Click to subscribe.

Tweet of the Day: Consistent Gym Attendance Helps New Gym Goers Build An Exercise Habit



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Tweet of the Day: Too Much Time Away From The Gym Can Set Back Your Fitness

Memorial weekend is the unofficial kickoff to vacation in the United States, and summer is the time for travel and vacation in many other countries as well. And while vacation can be a great time to unwind and relax, too much time away from your workotus can result in loss of cardiometabolic fitness and lean muslce. 

Tweet of the Day: Come To The Gym This Summer!


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As the Weather Warms Up, So Does Your Risk!

How to protect your club as temperatures rise.

As the summer season approaches, rising temperatures mean rising risk and not in all of the predictable places one would think. Here are the top 5 obvious and not so obvious risk exposures to make sure you address heading into the warmer weather:

  1. HEAT! Make sure you are getting proper ventilation and temperature control in your facility. Exercising in extreme heat can lead to many various medical issues for your members. Also make sure you have cold liquids readily available and easily accessible and air conditioning is working properly at all times.
  2. Higher temperatures mean more sweat – make sure you are adequately wiping down machines and reducing your slip and fall exposure.
  3. Tanning and Sauna – Summer members may already be dehydrated before they step foot in your club due to the nature of dehydration in the warmer months. Make sure that those using these amenities are adequately supervised and have cold liquids available.
  4. Training extremes – everyone wants to look their best for the beach, but make sure these efforts don’t become too dangerous. Keep an eye out for those members whose efforts cross the line of what is considered healthy exercise habits.
  5. Taking training outdoors – the first signs of warm weather tend to make us want to do everything outdoors – moving our yoga class to the field next door, putting our spin bikes in the parking lot, or adding that new group EX class outdoors. All are great exercise alternatives, but all lead to an increase in risk.  If moving a class outdoors, make sure that the space you are using is clear of any debris and is equipped to handle your activity. If you are using equipment that may be affixed to a structure, make sure that structure can withstand the force of the participants using it. Finally, if you are expanding your operations off premises, make sure your insurance policy does NOT have a designated premises limitation endorsement that restricts coverage only to your specified location.

Philadelphia Insurance is a proud IHRSA Group Purchasing supplier offering a program that provides comprehensive coverage for your club. 

For more information about Philadelphia Insurance, visit ihrsa.org/phly.


Curt Beusman, One of the Original IHRSA Founders Passes Away

Curt Beusman, one of IHRSA's earliest, most important and influential supporters passed away Tuesday, pre-deceased by his wonderful wife, Jane, and leaving his magnificent Saw Mill River Club in the hands of his son, Rick. He was 84.

Industry Leaders share their comments about Curt Beusman:

"An extraordinary industry leader in the 80s and 90s, Curt befriended and inspired hundreds of his fellow club entrepreneurs," said John McCarthy, former IHRSA executive director. 

Cathy Masterson McNeil, vice president of international operations at IHRSA remembers his Convention session from the early 80s on the results of the industry data survey as packed as a keynote session. "He presented dry information in an entertaining way that would make the information stick. For example, clubs with “splash” (meaning a swimming pool) performed better than clubs without "splash", said McNeil.

Curt Beusman presenting at one of the first IHRSA Conventions.

One of the earliest articles he contributed to IRSA News (a newsletter that preceded CBI) was Saw Mill’s 10 Commandments for Club Success. McNeil still remembers two of them: 1) We say “yes” when we can; 2) We make decisions by consensus; if we can’t reach consensus, Curt decides.

"We will all remember him for his major contributions in shaping the club industry we know today," said Rick Caro, president of Management Vision and longtime friend of Beusman. "He was a real entrepreneur and a great sharer. He was a creative, brilliant, caring, articulate and generous."

A memorial event will be planned in the near future.

Read more about Beusman.


Tweet of the Day: Physical Activity Can Produce Added Benefits For People With Anxiety Disorders


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Is It Time to Give Your Marketing Strategy A Makeover?

Give your marketing strategy a makeover with tips from one of IHRSA’s most popular speakers on the subject of marketing and sales.  Join us for Proven & Profitable Fitness Marketing Strategies tomorrow at 2:00pm EDT. Free to IHRSA Members! This webinar will help you:

  • Discover the secrets of highly-profitable fitness club marketing
  • Gain insight into the fastest, easiest and most profitable ways to flood your club with sales leads
  • Explore the importance of branding and discover what defines a great club brand
  • Learn how to maximize your profits by aligning strategic and tactical marketing plans and goals
  • Review effective web marketing strategies
  • Obtain successful club marketing benchmarks on cost of sales and leads, sales closing ratios and ideal marketing budgets

To register, visit ihrsa.org/webinars, email membership@ihrsa.org, or call 800-228-4772 or +1 617-951-0055.


How To Make The Most Out Of Today's Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are a new form of networking, and can feel hard to follow through all the noise on Twitter. We've found a way to make them a little easier using a website called TweetChat.com

Step 1: Visit www.tweetchat.com and type in the hashtag #WhyGetActive

Step 2: Authorize the app to login to your Twitter account (or, if you have more than one, whichever one you'd like to tweet from for the chat)

Once you authorize the app, you'll be directed to the "room" our chat will take place in. This means you will see a stream consisting only of tweets using #WhyGetActive. The stream updates about every 5 tweets.

You can also exercise a few options to make the chat go more smoothly. For example, you can block retweets so that you don't keep seeing the same tweets over and over again. This is especially handy if the chat starts moving quickly. Just go to "Room Settings" and choose "Block Retweets". 

Looking forward to seeing you at noon!