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PHIT Has a Score


The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has provided a definitive score (essentially how much a bill will cost) for the Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act (H.R. 956). The bill was scored at an estimated cost of $2.5 billion dollars over 10 years.

Passing the PHIT Act would make physical activity (like sports leagues, equipment and club memberships) more affordable through the use of a pre-tax health spending account.

The wisdom behind PHIT is that it creates a tax incentive to invest in preventative healthcare before costly treatment is necessary. Currently, Americans are able to use pre-tax accounts to pay for prescriptions, doctor visits and other expenses related to the treatment of illness and medical conditions.

Learn more at IHRSA.org/PHIT.

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Nautilus joins StairMaster and Schwinn at Core Fitness

In the annals of the health and fitness industry one would be hardpressed to find three more iconic brands than Schwinn, StairMaster and Nautilus.

Now, all three are under one roof.

Core Fitness, LLC, which already markets Schwinn Indoor Cycling products and StairMaster, recently signed an agreement to manufacture and market the legendary Nautilus commercial brand.

“We’re very excited to offer Nautilus commercial equipment along with our other best of breed brands, StairMaster and Schwinn Fitness,” said Merrill Richmond, vice president of Sales and Marketing at Core Fitness LLC. 

For more, visit www.stairmaster.com to see the press release.


Teamwork can reap many benefits

The growing sophistication of health, fitness, and wellness professionals, and the expanding number of specialties they practice, pay significant dividends for clubs and their members. It’s innovative improvement, with special relevance for the increasingly diverse populations - including those with health issues - that clubs are now being called upon to serve.

But there’s often a fly in the ointment, a pebble in the progress.

As the process of caring for members becomes more complex, the providers - personal trainers, nutritionists, health coaches, group and small-group exercise instructors, and others - tend to work independently within their respective niche, focusing exclusively on their particular skill set.

It’s a situation that’s sometimes referred to as “siloing” - a failure on the part of professionals to communicate, fully and effectively, about the singular goal that they’re all striving toward: the well-being of an individual client.

A number of factors may contribute to the condition: a limited understanding of other disciplines, professional tunnel vision, heavy work loads, lack of opportunities to confer with colleagues, etc. But the result is a disjointed, rather than a seamless, procedure; a limited, rather than a comprehensive, treatment plan.

Read on to see how some clubs and businesses are helping members' overall health with teamwork and collaboration.


Motionsoft receives $10M in capital funding

A longtime investor in Motionsoft is pumping $10 million into the company.

The capital venture funding from Route 66 Ventures, with Edison Partners as a co-investor, will help the health and wellness industry software provider continue its triple-digit growth it has enjoyed over the past couple years.

"We believe that the investment theses of both firms perfectly complement our value proposition, and we could not be happier that the investment will be spearheaded by our experienced partners at Route 66 and Edison Partners,” said Al Noshirvani, CEO of Motionsoft, said in a press release. “Motionsoft will allocate a significant portion of this investment to expand sales and marketing operations.”

For more read the PR Web press release.


Kids who are outside are more physically fit

Getting the kids could be half the battle in the fight against obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Actually, according to a recent study it may be way more than half the battle.

Researchers from the University of Regina, in Saskatchewan, Canada, found that youth who were outside were more likely to meet exercise guidelines.

“This is just evidence reifying how powerful the outdoors is,” lead author Lee Schaefer told Reuters Health. “If we can get students outside more often, they are going to be more active, which is going to benefit them in the long term.”

Read the rest of the story on Reuters Health.


First-time IHRSA Institute attendees will soak it up

David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe upcoming IHRSA Institute is the one event in the health and fitness industry where you can improve your career with sessions and faculty that provide a small-group setting and personal education. It has been shown many times over with past graduates who are leaders in the industry, their clubs and businesses, and their community.

That is one of the main reasons why up-and-comers and those who are looking to the next step in their professional career decide to attend. It can be a new position or just doing a better job at the one they are at. The IHRSA Institute provides graduate-level education that can easily and immediately be instituted back at the attendees’ company.

And working with, and learning from, names like Brent Darden, Sandy Franco, Bonnie Patrick Mattalian, Mark Miller, Debra Siena, and more, cries out success and professional movement. 

The IHRSA Institute, which is Aug. 5-8 at Kenan-Flagler Business School on the campus of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, is back after a five-year hiatus. The all-inclusive event features graduate-level education with top-notch educators – many of whom are Institute graduates - in small classroom settings. Over the four days there are many networking, team building and social events that give attendees plenty of time to commiserate with classmates and educators alike.

Read on to see what new attendees hope to get out of the Institute.


Pulis garners 'Outstanding Women' award

Faith Pulis, president and CEO of The Thoreau Club in Concord, Mass., has been tabbed the 2014 Outstanding Women of Family Business recipient. The award is presented by The Warren Group and Family Business magazine.

Pulis, a third-generation member of the family business, hoped to diversity and broaden the family business 10 years ago when she took over operations. The 70-acre campus that houses a day camp, wellness center and health club, has moved to year-round from seasonal and now offers tennis, swimming, fitness, spa services, full and half day camps, birthday parties, sports rehab, nutrition, Pilates, a league swim team and personal coaching. The Thoreau Club boast 85% member retention.

Visit The Thoreau Club for more on Pulis and the award.


ACE releases latest personal trainers manual

With clients, trends, client's needs and equipment changing year-to-year, it is easy as a personal trainer to fall behind.

The American Council on Exercise is here to help. The non-profit organization dedicated to educating safe and effective exercise and physcial activity, has just released the "ACE Personal Trainer Manual" (5th Edition).

It "provides exercise professionals with the latest evidence-based training solutions and health-behavior strategies to empower clients to make meaningful changes and improve function, health, fitness and performance."

Learn more and how to order, in print or an eBook, it at the ACE website.



30 years for My Sportlady Fitness, Kirstein

Jasmin Kirstein, second from left, celebrated her club's 30th anniversary with her daughter, granddaughter and mother.Jasmin Kirstein, owner of My Sportlady Fitness in Munich, Germany, celebrated the club's 30-year anniversary earlier this month with friends, family, and, of course, members.

Kirstein, an IHRSA board member, isn't limited to her health club. She has written a book, opened a cooking school, teaches yoga, has a foundation that helps women in Afghanistan, India schools and more.


Genesis now at 18 clubs with most recent acquisition

Genesis Health Clubs bought three Maximus Fitness & Wellness (Photo courtesy http://cjonline.com/)Genesis Health Clubs doesn't believe in sitting still in the Kansas and Missouri scene.

The chain now has 18 locations to call its own after purchasing the three Maximus Fitness & Wellness locations in Topeka, Kans.

“I’ve been anticipating moving into the Topeka market for a long time, and excited to bring the Genesis brand to the community," said Rodney Steven II, owner of Genesis. "I am proud to announce that the sale is official, and the high quality of service and programs that have been a part of Maximus will continue and will thrive to a new level.”

Read more on the acquisition on the Genesis website.