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This Week in the Fitness Industry: trainers have their eye on you

This Week in the Fitness Industry may never had more variety of stories than this week. We are talking yoga, wearable technology, trainers, jump rope, Fitness Hall of Fame, and more.

Of course, we are happy to bring it to you, in one place.

Read on to see what we have found for you.


More resources for health promotion

IHRSA’s vision is for the fitness industry to be a well recognized voice in health promotion and prevention and for health clubs to be viewed as partners in preventive healthcare by individuals, employers, healthcare providers, insurance companies and government.

To that end we recently updated old resources on our website, as well as creating some new ones. Some of the pages are member-only, others are open to everyone.

Check out all of the tools and ideas here.


ACE Academy Elite now available on iPad

The American Council on Exercise's interactive study guide is now an iPad app.

Troy Apps Software, based in San Diego like ACE, developed the app for ACE Academy Elite. It includes new features like expandable graphics, tappable glossary terms and custom note organization.

“We want to cater to a new age of more technically savvy learners, and ACE Academy Elite for iPad helps us do that using a platform we know is effective,” said ACE President and CEO Scott Goudeseune. “Offering this option helps a wider range of aspiring personal trainers obtain the knowledge and skills they need to launch their careers and contribute to the national response to the obesity epidemic and other chronic diseases.”

For the entire press release, go to the Business Wire website.



Former IHRSA employee talks about Boston Marathon, one year later

Courtesy Dan Soleau's TwitterDan Soleau, a former IHRSA employee, was working at Marathon Sports, right at the Boston Marathon finish line a year ago yesterday. That, of course, was exactly one year after two bombs went off on Boylston Street - the last half mile of the race.

Soleau wasn't physically injured, despite being knocked out for about 20 minutes. He was, and at times, still is shaken by everything that has happened.

He was interviewed soon after the events by a couple news outlets, but here is what he had to say one year later.



Stay on top of new members and those with goals

The first quarter of the year is over and for many companies it is time to hit the books and spreadsheets to figure out the upcoming fiscal year’s budget. 

While that is true in the fitness industry, too, it is also the time to look at what happened at the start of the quarter. Specifically, this is about the time that all of those who joined the club at the start of the year, as well as those who made New Year’s resolutions to hit certain goals and to change their lifestyle, might be falling off the wagon.

Many clubs keep a keen eye on these two groups to make sure they don’t slip. Sometimes programs specifically re-motivating members are instituted, other times a health club is diligent on how members are faring and intervene  before they lose them.

Read on to see tips and examples of motivation.


Free tennis offer in May

The Tennis Industry Association, Professional Tennis Registry and USPTA Tennis Across America have joined forces to offer free tennis in May.

The Try Tennis Free Promotion, at participating facilities, is an effort to get more people involved in the sport. Research has shown that 65% of those who try tennis in an introductory program tend to stick with it.

Visiy PlayTennis.com to find a Try Tennis Free Promotion court and more information on the sport.



Will insurance companies reimburse wearable technology purchases?

We all know the popularity of wearable technology (if not, check out Friday's This Week in the Fitness Industry).

Insurance companies may be starting to realize the importance, too. That could mean monetary incentives to buy them.

A five-year study by The Vitality Group found that 63% of 300,000 participants were obese who used a device to track their exercise or nutrition. At the end of the study it was shown that hospital costs went down 6% for those who were sedentary prior to the study but became active; the costs dropped by 16% for those already active.

For more, visit Information Week.


Give it 100 days

Photo courtesy Greatist.comThere is so much hitting the gym can do. To name a few are losing weight, becoming more healthy, helping with your self-esteem and making you a more confident person.

Check out LaKeisha Shum of San Francisco, who admitted she was lacking in most of these categories. She decided to do something about it and took part in #giveit100challenge where she would hit the gym for 100 days straight.

She lost more than 50 pounds, a few pants sizes and feels great about herself and her new look. And, she was so pleased that she will continue the challenge for an entire year.

Check out Greatist for the story and video diary. Regardless of what shape and health you are in, this will inspire you.


Ask an Industry Leader: soliciting feedback

Feedback is important. How else do you know if you are doing a good job, or if the club offers everything your members want?

That is why IHRSA tries to offer up as many hints, ideas and fellow members' programs that work for them.

This week Simon Gale, Colleen Braun and Michael Hoeber Jenkins chime in on what works at their respective clubs.

Read on for Ask an Industry Leader


Missouri one step closer to repealing tax on health clubs

IHRSA has worked hard on a couple bills in Missouri that will help those who enjoy healthy lifestyles. Last week House Bills 1179 and 1765, which would remove health club services from those that are taxed as amusement, recreation or entertainment, were passed.

IHRSA believes that government should encourage regular exercise and healthy lifestyles, not discourage them by taxing health club memberships and services. According to bill sponsor State Representative Eric Burlison, "Children or adults who want to be in gymnastics or any individual who wants to join a gym, we should not be discouraging those people from doing healthy activities," he said on OzarksFirst.com.

The proposal will now make its way through the state senate where IHRSA is working to support the bill's continued progress. To make the final push to enactment, IHRSA will likely need the support of club operators across the state. Please be on the lookout for more Legislative Alerts in the coming weeks calling on clubs to get involved in ending Missouri's taxation of healthy lifestyles.

IHRSA members can receive Legislative Alerts by signing up at ihrsa.org/associate-subscriptions or check news on your state page at ihrsa.org/state.

If you have any questions, please contact Tim Sullivan, IHRSA's senior Legislative Analyst, at ts@ihrsa.org or (617) 316-6722. 

To support IHRSA's efforts in Missouri and all other states, please consider a contribution to the Industry Leadership Council.