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IHRSA/Fitness Brasil first day, in photos

The first day of the 15th IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show is not even over, but plenty has happened: opening remarks by Fitness Brasil President Waldyr Soares, introduction of IHRSA/Fitness Brasil collaboration on InfoPacks, opening of the trade show, and plenty of education sessions.

Check out photos of day one here - you will feel like you are there.

Remember to follow what is happening in Brazil on Twitter and the IHRSA website. You can see all of the photos on the IHRSA Flickr page.


InfoPacks are unveiled at IHRSA/Fitness Brasil

IHRSA President and CEO Joe Moore explains InfoPacks at the IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show.Those who are attending the 15th IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show, currently running through Aug. 30 in Sao Paulo, have the opportunity to get a new IHRSA publication for free.

The InfoPacks are informative articles and ideas that are essential for club owners in Brazil, South America and Latin America. They also include trends and relevant cases. There are three available:

  • IHRSA InfoPack Management & Planning
  • IHRSA InfoPack & Sales Trends
  • IHRSA InfoPack Marketing

InfoPacks are free for those who attended IHRSA/Fitness Brasil and fill out a quick survey, until Sept. 30, at ihrsa.org/getinfopacks. They are also available for purchase at the IHRSA Store.




Reflections on IHRSA/Fitness Brasil beginnings during opening remarks

Waldyr Soares, president of Fitness Brasil, opens the 15th IHRSA/Fitness Brail Latin American Conference & Trade Show.The opening remarks at the 15th IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show saw Fitness Brasil President Waldyr Soares reflect on how far the event has come.

He said it started a little more than 15 years ago when he traveled to Boston to meet with IHRSA’s John McCarthy (executive director) and John Kersh (head of International) to forge a partnership. The inaugural show was held in a closed parking lot.

Soares went on to single out the many supporting institutions, including SEBRAE, the Brazilian support of micro and small businesses through empowerment, promotion and development.

He also talked about the future of Fitness Brasil. Two programs on the docket are a 360-hour course for instructors to work with the aging population and Project MOVE (similar to IHRSA’s Let’s Move). Also in the works is CRIANCA ESPERANCA, a 24-hour TV show to raise money for children’s well-being.

Soares finished he introduction by giving bottles of champagne to all of the partners.


Fitness Brasil is on

Fitness Brasil Executive Director Gustavo Almeida, left, and President Waldyr Soares, right, open the IHRSA/Fitness Brasil trade show with IHRSA President and CEO Joe Moore.The 15th IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show opened its doors this morning to a large crowd.

The three-day event is a a huge opportunity for those in attendance with close to 100 speakers and a trade show with almost 150 booths. 

The education features inspirational and practical information on a range of topics covering all aspects of the health club business: marketing, sales, technology, finance, management, retention, infrastructure, leadership, neuroscience, personal training, and much more. These will be presented by combining with the reality of what happens in the market and what still lies ahead. Most seminars are presented in Portuguese; some are presented English with simultaneous translation into Portuguese.

IHRSA/Fitness Brasil is at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo.

To follow the happenings, and view photos and videos from IHRSA/Fitness Brasil, go to ihrsa.org/live. For more information on the event, including registration, visit ihrsa.org/fitness-brasil.


Take advantage of the IHRSA Trend Report series

The IHRSA Trend Report is report series free to IHRSA members. It examines health club consumer behavior and attitudes surrounding health clubs. This report series can help you better understand why members frequent/utilize health clubs, why they leave health clubs, and what barriers keep consumers from joining.

Each installment focuses on a specific topic/range of topics, including gender, generational groups, income level, sports participation, marital status, former members, and consumer leisure time and activity.

Here are some of the interesting facts in various reports:

  • Overall health factors remain primary reasons for being a member of a health club, but social aspects are increasing in importance.
  • Goals for joining a health club vary at each income level.
  • According to marital status, single persons are the highest represented in the member category at 18.5%.
  • Generations X and Y are more likely to join a health club than the Eisenhower and Baby Boomer generations. 
  • Cost is still the main reason people don’t join and quit health clubs.

"The IHRSA Trend Report is significant because it helps us understand why members join and keep using their health clubs," said Jay Ablondi, IHRSA's executive vice president of Global Products. "Results highlight the barriers to joining and reasons why former members leave. Along with the annual IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report, this new report provides the ultimate toolkit for club operators to improve member retention and acquisition."

The report is brought to you by IHRSA and the Leisure Trends Group. 

IHRSA members can download the reports at the IHRSA Trend Report page. Non-members can purchase each installment at ihrsa.org/store.


Around the world, one sport at a time

Paul Brown knows how to get a point across. After all, he was named the 2014 Presenter of the Year by the Australian Fitness Network.

It is safe to say that his latest endeavor will be heard by many and most likely taken to heart by the majority. We’re talking possibly tens of millions of people. That is his hope anyway.

Paul and his wife, Jacqui, are huge promoters of fighting the battle against childhood obesity, sedentary behavior and type 2 diabetes, especially among youth.

So the two industry veterans, along with their 9-year-old son, Ben, are hitting the road for almost a year to promote sports and healthy lifestyles to children and families alike.

But this isn’t a venture that will see them on a stage with a PowerPoint presentation on a giant screen behind them with a couple hundred people with laptops and notebooks jotting down key points. 

The Browns are putting on 50 Sports in 50 Weeks, a globe-trotting adventure that will take them from their home in Australia to Siberia, the United States, Europe, back to Australia, and many, many destinations in between. At each spot they will learn the intricacies and fundamentals from a well-known athlete in the sport, often in an iconic spot or stadium. In some cases they will watch a championship event, taking in the sport as a spectator.

Read on to see where they are going, who they are learning from, and more.


XSport Fitness to open three new locations

XSport Fitness, the Chicago-area chain, is expanding with three new clubs.

By early 2015 locations in Melrose Park, Ill., Bronx, N.Y., and Fort Totten, D.C., will open its doors and provide 24/7, 365 days a year service.

"XSport Fitness is very excited about the recent expansion efforts and we will continue to strive to meet the ever growing health and fitness needs of our customers,” said Dan Morrissey of Capital Fitness, in a press release.

For more, visit www.xsportfitness.com.



Aerobic accessories score big

BOSU POWERSTAXGiven all of the advantages provided by aerobic accessories, it’s no surprise that they’ve long been popular at fitness facilities worldwide. For club operators and members, they offer convenience and exercise versatility at an affordable price, and, for manufacturers, consistently strong sales.

Boot camps, functional training, and high intensity interval training make constant use of a wide and expanding variety of equipment - slam balls, kettlebells, battle ropes, medicine balls, sandbags, plyometric boxes, and bodyweight trainers.

As these exercise aids have multiplied and evolved, so, too, have their educational and programming components, providing clubs and fitness professionals with a unique opportunity.

Read the entire CBI magazine FIT Extra feature to see the many non-dues revenue streams associated with aerobic accessories.



Core Health adds to executive team

Core Health & Fitness has named a new chief financial officer who will oversee global financial operations for Star Trac and StairMaster.

Jason Leone will oversee strategic global financial plans, establish long-range goals and manage the human resources and IT departments, among other responsibilities.

For more, visit www.startrac.com.


More than 10,000 in industry will descend upon Sao Paulo this week

Fitness Brasil President Waldyr Soares opens the 2013 show.When the IHRSA/Fitness Brasil Latin American Conference & Trade Show first opened its doors 15 years ago it was a much different event than the one Latin American and South America will see this week.

Then again, it’s not like the event that Fitness Brasil President Waldyr Soares put on in 2000 was the norm.

Back then the industry it was about physical education – working your body to look the best it could. There was little about health prevention and quality of life. He went for it regardless of perception and the norm.

"Fifteen years ago, there were no academies in the knowledge that physical exercises were important for longevity. Everyone worked out, but only from the perspective of body worship,” said Soares, in Fitness Business magazine. “Over time, medical research and laboratory examinations made that society passed to understand physical activity as the cheapest remedy, which helped leverage our enterprise.” 

Click here to read on about education, trade shows and a new publication to be unveiled.