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The 2020 IHRSA Global Report

This annual report provides the most comprehensive overview of health club markets worldwide, making it a must-have resource for industry insiders, including club operators, investors, market analysts, and other professionals. This product is a PDF download.

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Before the coronavirus pandemic, the global health club industry finished the decade with record performance. Worldwide, industry revenue totaled US$96.7 billion in 2019, as more than 184 million members belonged to nearly 210,000 health and fitness facilities. A perennial IHRSA bestseller, The IHRSA Global Report provides a comprehensive overview of the health club industry.

The top 10 markets around the world account for nearly three out of four health club members (73%) and roughly two-thirds of facilities (64%). The top 10 global markets also generate 73% of total industry revenue worldwide. The U.S. leads all markets in memberships (64.2 million), facilities (41,370), and revenue (US$35 billion). Germany ranks second in membership at 11.7 million, while Brazil ranks second in number of health clubs with 29,525 facilities. Germany and the U.K. were tied for second in industry revenue as each market generated roughly US$6.2 billion in 2019.

“The IHRSA Global Report shows that health clubs worldwide were flourishing before the COVID-19 pandemic. Strong performance indicators across global markets attest to the important role health clubs, gyms and studios play in helping the public engage in regular exercise and lead healthier lives. While 2020 will be a challenging year, the global health and fitness club industry will continue to recover as the industry reopens and is positioned to prosper in the years to come.”

Jay Ablondi, Executive Vice President of Global Products

Boston, MA - IHRSA

The report is divided into four parts:

  • The "Industry Overview" section highlights relevant news from the past year, along with insights from industry experts and leading club operators, as well as a summary of the early impact of the pandemic on the industry.
  • The "Industry Research" section includes data on revenue, number of facilities, number of club members, and penetration rates for approximately 70 global markets. The section includes updated statistics for the U.S., Brazil, 11 markets in the Middle East & Africa, and 18 European markets. For the U.S., there is a breakdown of data for the number of health clubs by state, member penetration rates by state, and infographic insights for consumer growth and member visits.
  • The "Company Profiles" section highlights more than 300 leading health club companies from around the world.
  • The "Supplier Profiles" section features a variety of fitness industry suppliers, whose innovative products and services help club operators serve their members and communities.