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Strength Sells: Research Unlocks Business Opportunities

Take a look at the latest research on the benefits of strength training, and use this information to influence sales and marketing for your club! Join us at 2 p.m. EDT on September 15 to learn more.

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Michael Stack

CEO, Applied Fitness Solutions &

Clinical Professor, University of Michigan

For decades, health and fitness professionals have exclaimed the superior health benefits of cardiovascular exercise. However, in the process, the health benefits of strength training have been minimized to the detriment of individual and population health. Functionally speaking, life is “you v. gravity,” and adequate levels of muscular strength, mass, and power ensure you win this contest you cannot afford to lose. With modern medicine giving our population the ability to live longer—but not necessarily better—the role of strength training is becoming even more critical.

This webinar will examine the latest research on the health, longevity, and disease-attenuating benefits of strength training. A framework will be presented for age- and ability-appropriate strength training prescription and progression.

Finally, the business opportunity! For fitness professionals, this research will be explored in detail in an effort to monetize your knowledge to lead a more sustainable career in the health and fitness industry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the emerging research on strength training as the rate limiter for functional capacity and health

  • Define the business and public health opportunity embedded in the latest research on strength training

  • Learn and be able to reproduce an evidence-based framework for safe and effective strength training prescriptions for individuals of all fitness and ability levels

  • Explore an inclusive marketing and messaging approach to expand your clientele and grow your business

Presenter Profile:

Michael Stack is a clinical professor for the University of Michigan’s School of Kinesiology. He is the creator and the host of the Wellness Paradox Podcast, produced in conjunction with University of Michigan. Michael is also the founder/CEO of Applied Fitness Solutions, with four locations in southeast lower-Michigan.

Michael is an exercise physiologist by training and a health entrepreneur, health educator, and fitness industry advocate by trade. He is dedicated to enhancing the standard of practice of, and advocating for, fitness and wellness professionals to ensure they become an essential constituent in the healthcare delivery system.