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Maximize Your Gym's Small Group Training Revenue

This e-book will guide you through strategies to use small group training as a revenue driver and retention tool.

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Small group training (SGT) is simply one of the most productive trends to hit the health club sector in years. Originating in the studio boutique space, SGT has made its way into mainstream clubs in a number of different forms (e.g., boot camp, combat sports, TRX, functional training, etc.). These intimate classes can comprise anywhere from 6-20 people, though some clubs put this range on the lower side, even as small as 4-8 people.

In many ways SGT is the best of both worlds. SGT combines the profit potential of personal training with the retention power of social dynamics. While clubs may find it challenging to create floor space for SGT in their clubs, they’re discovering that it’s more than worth the investment in equipment and design.

This e-book will give you information on putting together an SGT program that’s right for your club’s demographic and brand. Because so many versions of SGT exist, clubs find that they can usually create a perfect fit for their membership and spatial dimensions.

The e-book includes:

  • Introduction: Small Groups, Big Profits: Why You Need SGT in Your Gym
  • Part 1: The Social Experience: Creating an Effective SGT Program
  • Part 2: Equipment & Environment: Creating a Studio within the Gym
  • Conclusion: Go Small & Live Large