Marketing Tips to Get the Most Bang for Buck at Your Gym

Don’t let your investments die on the vine. Maximize the value of new programming or equipment at your fitness business through smart marketing decisions and well-informed promotions.

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Allison Law speaker

Allison Law

Marketing Director

KORR Medical Technologies

When you invest in new equipment or programs at your fitness business, seeing a return on that investment becomes a high priority. Learn essential marketing tips that will guide your spending to maximize the value of your investments.

Learning Objectives

Listeners will walk away from this webinar informed on best practices for marketing equipment, programs, or classes they have invested in. They will learn:

  • How to astutely spend your marketing budget
  • Which market segments to target for your goals
  • How to optimize promotional messaging and visuals
  • How to verify the success of advertising campaigns

“Marketing is THE most essential part of any business, because no one can pay you for your product or services until they know you exist.”

Presenter Profile

Allison Law is the marketing director at KORR Medical Technologies. She helps customers on a regular basis to find success with their investment in VO2 Max Testing. She received her bachelors in communications and advertising from Brigham Young University and enjoys helping people find success in their businesses through marketing.