Presented by Julie K Kofoed, BSN, Vice President of Marketing, KORR Medical Technologies

VO2 max testing is a measurement linked to aerobic endurance that many athletes use to determine their overall fitness. Savvy gym owners and operators are using VO2 max as a way to attract, retain, and engage with their most performance-motivated members.

According to research, a VO2 max test can help athletes reach their personal bests while adding a significant revenue stream to your gym’s personal training programs. In this webinar, Julie K. Kofoed, vice president of marketing for KORR Medical Technologies, will explain how advances in technology have decreased the complexity of VO2 max equipment, allowing personal trainers and gyms of any size to benefit from this high-tech addition.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to operate VO2 max equipment.
  • Discover a variety of strategies for implementing anaerobic threshold, VO2 max, and respiratory exchange rate into a training regimen.
  • Review case studies to examine revenue potential of VO2 max testing services.

“VO2 max testing is a way to attract, retain, and engage with the most performance-motivated clients at your gym. A VO2 max test can help each athlete reach their personal best while adding a significant revenue stream to your personal training programs.”

Julie K. Kofoed, Vice President of Marketing

KORR Medical Technologies

Presenter Profile:

Julie K. Kofoed is KORR Medical Technologies' vice president of marketing. Before joining KORR, Julie spent more than a decade as an acute care registered nurse. This gives her an in-depth understanding of KORR’s products and a connection to healthcare professionals. Her additional education in public relations and graphic design, as well as time spent as a lobbyist, brings a unique blend of skills that has benefited KORR. Julie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Utah in 1988.

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