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Key Learnings in the Virtual World of Personal Training

How to evaluate and improve your online personal training program to stay relevant to your gym’s at-home audience.

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Oliver Donnie

Donnie Oliver

VP of Global Franchise Operations


Nearly every health club or studio operator has turned to some form of virtual or online offering—but do you have what it takes to evaluate, improve, and stay relevant to your at-home audience? Join Donnie Oliver, vice president of global franchise operations of UFC Gym, as he unpacks key details and advice to keep your online personal training program competitive!

Variety in options and pricing is crucial, as well as evaluating and improving your offerings while staying true to your brand. Learn ways that you can offer total-wellness solutions to your personal training clients.

As key players in your operations and overall programming design, it’s important to also identify what challenges your coaches and trainers are facing. Oliver will share staffing advice and organizational tips as you learn how you can support the trainers and their efforts as brand ambassadors to your gym.

Learning Objectives

  • Unpack operational elements such as new ideas for pricing options and training programs
  • Identify how you currently differentiate yourself in the virtual environment and tap into new opportunities
  • Get creative as you consider forming a virtual space not just for personal training, but other offerings as well
  • Seek out ways to get organized around your staff communications and training to offer the best personal training experience every time

“Necessity is the mother of invention. The ‘digital shift’ is here to stay, in some fashion or another; how do we adapt? Learn in this webinar!”

Donnie Oliver, VP of Global Franchise Operations

UFC Gym - Newport Beach, CA

Presenter Profile

Donnie Oliver brings two decades of experience in the fitness industry, from personal trainer to vice president of global operations. Oliver has been recognized as “Trainer of the Year,” has served the role of general manager, CRM liaison, franchise consultant and vice president of fitness. Oliver is a husband, father, and proud Penn State graduate.