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IHRSA’s Guide to the Boutique Studio Phenomenon

Learn how to maximize club revenue by leveraging the growth of the studio segment.

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“Studios are a leading indicator that should shape the way we talk to prospective members, market our services, and shape our sales process.”

Tara Sampson, general manager

VIDA Fitness

Boutique studios—offering everything from cycling, yoga, Pilates, and personal training, to boxing, CrossFit, and functional training—now constitute 42% of the U.S. club market, according to a CBS News report. That’s double what it was in 2014.

There are a number of reasons boutique fitness studios are hot right now—they’re social, they’re trendy, and they help members achieve fast results. The rapid growth of boutiques has changed the landscape of the fitness industry, causing concern among health club owners and operators.

This guide will provide a broad view of the boutique studio phenomenon, digging into the root of this particular consumer purchasing behavior, the elements behind the appeal of boutiques, and a number of ways health clubs can leverage boutique strategies to improve member engagement and drive revenue.