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IHRSA's Guide to Personal Training (Second Edition)

This 2012 guide will help health club operators take their personal training programs to the next level. This product is a PDF download.

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“While 9 out of 10 health clubs offer personal training in some capacity, most are converting only a small percentage of their members into personal training clients. By looking at who is most likely to buy personal training—and who can benefit from it in various ways—you can begin to capture a broader training audience.”

This publication details statistics of American personal trainer usage, fees per session, and the people who most commonly use personal training. It includes the latest compensation data for personal trainers from both ACE and IHRSA. It also includes advice from industry experts on topics such as motivating trainers and how to retain clients when a trainer leaves. Four case studies from clubs with successful personal training programs round out the guide.

Personal training improves the health of both clients and clubs. For clients, it means training and exercise programs customized to their needs and abilities, which leads to the results they want. For clubs, it means increased profits and greater customer loyalty.

Health club members cite feeling better about themselves, a need to stay healthy, looking better and losing weight as top goals for using their health club. A well-run personal training program can help clients with all of these common goals.

By maximizing your club’s personal training program, you can give members the results they want and expect—and the result for your club will be more revenue and improved member retention. IHRSA’s Guide to Personal Training, generously sponsored by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), will get you started on the path to both.