The IHRSA Passport Program provides your members with guest access at more than 1,700 clubs worldwide when they travel, with a savings of at least 50% on regular guest fees. Since this is such a huge benefit for your members, we put together a toolkit to help you create member IDs, get the word out, and train staff.

(This toolkit is exclusively for clubs that are already enrolled in the Passport Program. If your club isn't participating yet, enroll in the IHRSA Passport Program today!)

“The Passport Program gives us a great advantage over our competitors because it adds a special exclusivity to club membership. Also, as a retention tool its indispensable, as members who leave us lose out on that ‘exclusive’ perk of being able to use other clubs when they travel.”

Alan Leach

West Wood Clubs, Ireland

Here’s what the IHRSA Passport Program Toolkit includes:

ID for Your Members

For a club member to get started, you just have to provide them with a valid Passport ID and direct them to to search for a participating club before leaving town. It's that simple!

The one page Guest Pass (included in the Toolkit) serves as your members' identification when visiting a participating club. The Passport ID Card gives you the option of providing a more compact form of ID to your members. The file used to produce the ID Card will depend on the preference of your local printer.

Training for Your Staff

The Toolkit includes training materials to help educate your staff about the Passport Program. You’ll find:

  • Staff Training Tips: facts you'll find helpful when presenting the IHRSA Passport Program
  • Frequently Asked Questions: answers to common questions when selling and administering the IHRSA Passport Program
  • Passport Program Best Practices: an article with insights from clubs that have successfully implemented the program

Promotional Materials

We’ve created a wide variety of resources to help you promote the IHRSA Passport Program to your members and prospective members. The Toolkit includes:

  • Brochures
  • Logo files
  • Promotional video
  • 2 posters
  • Facebook image
  • Twitter image
  • Table tent
  • Marketing copy
  • Web image