IHRSA Foundation 2019 Annual Report

The IHRSA Foundation stayed true to our mission while expanding our focus beyond programming to research, education, and engagement.

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The IHRSA Foundation's mission is to promote health through exercise.

As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, the IHRSA Foundation executes this mission through four strategies:

  1. evidence-based programming,
  2. research,
  3. education, and
  4. engagement.

The IHRSA Foundation envisions a future where thousands of clubs offer programs and services to support the more than 80 million inactive Americans, helping them to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle.

In 2019, the foundation continued to build on the progress made in 2019. In this report you will find:

  • IHRSA Foundation Accomplishments in 2019,
  • A preview of what’s Next in 2020,
  • A recap of 2019 fundraising,
  • A list of IHRSA Foundation supporters.

With the support of IHRSA clubs and partner organizations, we can move the dial toward a more inclusive industry, and a more physically active country and world.

If you have additional questions after reading the IHRSA Foundation 2019 Annual Report, you can always email the IHRSA Foundation for more information.

“In 2019, the IHRSA Foundation continued to build on the momentum from the past few years. This report outlines what we achieved in 2019—including new research and a new educational resource—and previews the exciting things to come in 2020.”

Alexandra Black Larcom, MPH, RD, LDN, Senior Manager of Health Promotion & Health Policy

IHRSA - Boston