IHRSA Foundation 2018 Annual Report

The IHRSA Foundation—in collaboration with global partners and leading clubs—is working toward providing a robust menu of evidence-based programming to help clubs welcome anyone into their facilities.

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Physical inactivity is responsible for over 5.3 million deaths worldwide and contributes to the obesity epidemic and the staggering chronic and mental health problems plaguing our world. In the U.S., only one in three people meet the Physical Activity Guidelines recommendations.

This is where the IHRSA Foundation—a 501(c)3 charitable organization—can help through the development of programs and resources for fitness facilities to more effectively provide people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities a place to improve their health through increased physical activity through evidence-based exercise programs.

The IHRSA Foundation envisions a future where thousands of clubs offer the programs and services to support the more than 80 million inactive Americans to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle.

2018 was a year of progress for the IHRSA Foundation, and this report details that progress. In this report you will find:

  • How we plan to advance the IHRSA Foundation Mission
  • The foundation’s impact in 2018
  • A financial update
  • A list of supporters

With the support of IHRSA clubs and partner organizations, we can move the dial toward a solution for what has long been a growing problem. If you have additional questions after reading the IHRSA Foundation 2018 Annual Report, you can always email the IHRSA Foundation for more information.

“The IHRSA Foundation is a small but growing organization with an overarching mission to promote health through exercise. The IHRSA Foundation 2018 Annual Report—our first major report—outlines the work the Foundation and our industry partners and supporters have been doing over the past six years to advance our mission, and it provides a look into our vision for the near and far future.”

Alexandra Black Larcom, MPH, RD, LDN, Senior Manager of Health Promotion & Health Policy

IHRSA - Boston