Fourteen markets in the Asia-Pacific health club industry combine to attract 22 million members at more than 25,000 clubs. In total, this market generates annual revenues of $16.8 billion (USD). Fueled by growing economies, the health club industry in the Asia-Pacific is robust, with significant potential for continued growth. Only two markets in the region are considered mature: Australia and New Zealand have the highest penetration rates at 15.3% and 13.6%, respectively. While the fitness market shows signs of rapid growth and professionalization in Hong Kong (5.85%), Singapore (5.8%), and Japan (3.3%), opportunities for growth remain in the Philippines (0.53%), Thailand (0.5%), Indonesia (0.18%), and India (0.15%).

“This report is the most comprehensive examination of the Asia-Pacific health club industry available anywhere. The report is a must-have reference for any industry stakeholder exploring the health club market in the Asia-Pacific region. As this latest research shows, the health club industry in the region is robust, with significant potential for continued growth in many key markets.”

Jay Ablondi, Executive Vice President of Global Products

IHRSA - Boston, MA

The Asia-Pacific Health Club Report (Second Edition) is divided into the following sections:

  • Asia-Pacific Market Overview: A summary of topline statistics, including club count, number of memberships, market size, penetration rates, and market potential per market.
  • Market Reports: An in-depth examination of markets in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia; Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou in China; Hong Kong; Taiwan; India; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia; New Zealand; Philippines; Singapore; South Korea; Thailand; and Vietnam.
  • Appendix: Details on sources consulted, definitions and abbreviations, and exchange rates applied.
  • Infographic Insights: Visual representations of key statistics for the Asia-Pacific health club industry, including leading markets and economic powerhouses.