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IHRSA Active & Safe Commitment

Make the Commitment to demonstrate your club’s unyielding dedication to safety at this time when exercise has never been more important to global health.

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The IHRSA Active & Safe Commitment is free for IHRSA members. Non-members can make the Commitment for $50 for one club and $10 for each additional club. If you're an IHRSA member, make the Commitment here.

IHRSA invites all health clubs and sports, fitness, aquatics, spa, and wellness facilities around the globe to make the Active & Safe Commitment!

Developed by industry experts in accordance with the foremost public health guidance, the Active & Safe Commitment serves three main purposes:

  1. To demonstrate the industry’s united commitment to safety for members, guests, and staff;
  2. To provide health club members and guests with well-founded peace of mind during club visits; and
  3. To reassure policymakers and public health officials that health clubs should not be shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, but rather should be relied upon as safe environments for exercise that can serve as, responsible, credible, and effective partners for reducing the pandemic’s catastrophic toll on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

“The Active & Safe Commitment is a public expression of our highest values as an industry. I strongly encourage every health club operator to sign the commitment, boldly stand united with fellow operators across the industry, and confidently proclaim health clubs as vital community resources during these challenging times.”

Brent Darden, Interim President & CEO

IHRSA – Boston

Why is the Active & Safe Commitment relevant to governments and the general public?

  • Physical activity and healthy movement are important drivers of physical health, mental health, emotional wellbeing, and overall quality of life
  • COVID-19 restrictions have drastically reduced physical activity rates and imperiled the health status of millions in communities across the globe
  • As evidenced in the The COVID Era Fitness Consumer report, health clubs provide a vital service for physical, mental and social needs of millions of people
  • Challenging weather conditions during the winter months will further reduce opportunities for physical activity across the northern hemisphere