“With Profiles of Success, club operators can compare their performance results across profit centers, membership growth and traffic as well as income and expense categories.”

Melissa Rodriguez, Senior Research Manager


IHRSA Profiles of Success is available in three cost-effective sections. Part 3 has aggregated financial statement performance from leading clubs as well as profit center analysis based on data compiled from leading clubs that participated in the IHRSA Industry Data Survey (IDS).

Key findings:

  • Among participating clubs, personal training is the number one profit center, accounting for a median of 8.4% of total revenue generated.
  • At fitness-only clubs, small group training ranked second among leading profit centers, while racquet claimed second at multipurpose clubs.
  • In 2016, participating clubs reported that roughly 69% of total revenues generated came from membership dues and fees.
  • Clubs generated 31% of total revenue from non-dues sources.

View the full 2017 IHRSA Profiles of Success.