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Group Exercise Training: How to Create a Program That Works for Your Club

Learn how a solid group X program will engage and attract members, empower staff, and drive revenue for your club.

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The rising popularity of group exercise ought to be reason enough for you to ramp up your program. It could be the easiest way for you to attract new members. And if that’s not enough incentive, consider this: A recent study by The Retention People found that 88% of group exercise members retained their membership during the duration of the study.

Group X classes offer exciting opportunities for your club. This e-book will help you identify programming goals and a strategy that best fits your club for an effective and profitable Group X program.

This e-book includes:

  • Introduction: Riding the Wave of Group Exercise
  • Part 1: Group X Programs: Finding the Right Fit for Your Club
  • Part 2: Creating the Group Experience: Staffing, Equipment, & Ambience
  • Conclusion: Harness the Excitement & Reap the Rewards