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Gender Identity Protection: Laws by State & IHRSA Chart

The privacy of your health clubs members can sometimes put gym owners and operators in a tricky position. When it comes to gender identity, do you know what your state’s law says?

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“Beyond the law itself, when it comes to transgender issues, there are no hard and fast rules.”

Helen Durkin, Executive Vice President of Public Policy

IHRSA - Boston

What do federal and state anti-discrimination laws say about gender identity? This chart is here to help club operators answer these questions.

As a health club owner, you may find yourself playing referee between the rights of your transgender members and the privacy rights of other members. What can you do, especially when the law isn't always clear?

It's a tricky situation, and remember, if your state has adopted legal protections for gender identity, it prohibits discrimination against someone based on their gender identity. So by law, clubs in these states must allow their members to use the locker room of the gender with which they identify.

IHRSA supports equal rights and protections for all citizens contingent upon the guarantee of privacy rights for all health club members. Knowing the law is the first thing any club needs to do when a transgender person joins their club.

Our team works with legal experts to produce valuable resources for our members. Still, it's important to keep in mind that the information in this document should not be considered legal advice.

If you have questions after downloading this resource, you can always email IHRSA to see if we have additional information.

Sometimes, your best next step will be to seek the advice of a qualified attorney. This chart includes links to each state's law, so you or your attorney can review it. For more information, see How Clubs Should Approach the Transgender Issue.