Creating an Inclusive Fitness Club and Sector

There are 1.5 billion people living with a disability, and even more with chronic disease and mobility limitations.

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Many people don't get enough physical activity to meet global or national activity recommendations, and data suggests that people with disabilities are less active than peers without disabilities.

These findings don't mean people with disabilities are not interested in exercise, or your club. It merely reminds us of the barriers to exercise they face.

While clubs alone may not be able to address every barrier a person with a disability might face, we do have the power to create a more inclusive industry. We can help people of all abilities achieve high-quality participation in sports and fitness, and make sure no one feels unwelcome or intimidated.

“Consumers increasingly want to do business with companies that do good in the community, and employees increasingly want to work for these companies. In fact, 91% of consumers would be more likely to support businesses that ensure easy access for individuals with disabilities at their physical locations.”

Alex Black Larcom, Senior Manager of Health Promotion & Health Policy


This e-book is the starting point for closing any remaining knowledge gaps on the topic of universal inclusion and can help you create a culture of inclusivity in your club. This resource will provide you with:

  • an introduction to principles of inclusion,
  • 6 practices to start promoting inclusion at your club,
  • 4 steps your club can use to move towards greater inclusion with UFIT,
  • and more.

Changing the culture across an entire sector will take a village. IHRSA is proud to bring you this resource that is a product of our collaboration with the European Commission supported Project lead by the UNESCO Chair at Institute of Technology, Tralee, along with several other global partners. This project led to the birth of UFIT and the Marseille Declaration, which was implemented in October 2015.

For more information on making your club inclusive, or if you're ready to sign the Get Active for All Pledge or become a UFIT Supporter, please contact Alex Black Larcom at