CBI November 2022

David von Storch, Aaron Moore, and Michaela Brown explain how VIDA Fitness created an effective DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) program.

“You can either be proactive, trendsetting, and forward-thinking now, or you can be left behind. The communities we serve are already there.”

Michaela Brown, DEI Board Chair

VIDA Fitness


Progress and Pain: Life doesn't follow a script or bend to your will. You take action, try your best, and encounter random events along the way. Sometimes these unplanned occurrences are positive, sometimes tragic—a mix of progress and pain. As IHRSA learned this month, both are part of the journey.


CEO's Column: As we mourn the loss of Rainer Schaller, we continue to advance the mission he served. Creating a stronger global industry is a fitting way to honor his legacy.

A Leap of Faith: Under Owner David von Storch, VIDA Fitness made a commitment to inclusion and community by developing a DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) initiative in 2020. After years of trial-and-error progress, the DEI board has succeeded in creating a more inclusive culture at VIDA's six clubs. VIDA Operations Director Aaron Moore and DEI Board Chair Michaela Brown tell us how it all came together.

The Omnichannel Advantage: Take control of all your digital channels and expand your brand presence. Industry leaders explain how to create an authentic brand presence.

How Tech-heavy Equipment is Driving Retention: Plugged-in and turned on, today's exercise equipment can enhance member engagement.

An Industry We Can be Proud of: Florence Auld, a former health club owner, reflects on her career influenced by IHRSA and her peers.

News & Know How

News: Al Noshirvani donates the proceeds from the Fitness Technology Summit to the National Health & Fitness Alliance; IHRSA goes to bat for the Franchise Rule; 24 Hour Fitness makes a commitment to mental health; and the global fitness industry mourns the loss of Rainer Schaller.

Special Report—The Fitness Technology Summit: Here are all the highlights from the Fitness Technology Summit in Atlanta.

Influencer: Tony Autin, president of Jonas Fitness, explains why tech integration is essential to your CMS.

Research Roundup: McKinsey & Company discovered that 74% of corporate employees would use a benefit of "fitness services or club memberships."

REX Roundtables: Allison Flatley, CEO of Allison Flatley Consulting and REX Roundtable chair, delivers eight steps to developing a growth mindset.


Formula for Success: How to create opportunities to recruit and promote more women in the industry.

Making a Difference: British Swim School helps keep children and adults safe in the pool.

Industry Partner News: The latest news from the top suppliers in the business.

IHRSA Report

Leadership: IHRSA Board Chair Chris Craytor, president/COO for acac Fitness & Wellness Centers, gives his view on the recent changes to the IHRSA Board.

Best Practices: Don't neglect the power of strength training in changing people's lives, says Michael Stack, CEO of Applied Fitness Solutions.

Advocacy: An overview of the progress IHRSA's advocacy work has produced in 2022.

Travels With Liz: IHRSA's leader builds alliances from New York to Los Angeles.