CBI November 2019

Debbie Peterson, of Getting to Clarity, will share critical career strategies during the IHRSA Women's Leadership Summit at the 2019 AB Show.

“The one challenge I feel is most important is how women view themselves, their potential, and the influence they have over their own careers and the results they deliver.”

Debbie Peterson, President

Getting to Clarity


  • The Power of Clarity: Debbie Peterson, the president of Getting to Clarity, knows that when it comes to career growth, how you think about it is as important as what you do about it.
  • No. 3: IHRSA '20 Countdown: A photographic "taste" of the educational experiences you'll save at IHRSA 2020.
  • Functional by Design: To compete with boutiques' functional-training offerings, a club must become a boutique.
  • Movement Matters! Functional movement assessment have joined the pantheon of fitness testing protocols.
  • The AB Show & Expo: Football legend Lou Holtz and the IHRSA Women's Leadership Summit highlight this event.

News & Know How

  • News: Lululemon racks workouts; franchisors target Far East; Marking a Difference; Tom Brady quarterbacks clubs; a club dream team; Self-Esteem renovates C-suite; IHRSA independents score; and much more.
  • European News: Fitness Park acquires 23 Fitlane facilities; Orangetheory Fitness debuts in Hamburg; and Qicraft seals a $4.4 million deal in Norway.
  • First Person: IHRSA 2020 presenter Sheldon McBee stresses the business side of personal training.
  • On the Move: A "Judgement Free" generation; All Sport in "with both feet"; OneLife Fitness hits 36; Geisler is Entrepreneur of the Year; and more.

IHRSA Report

  • Stars Take Center Stage: Clubs' women leaders and professionals take the spotlight, reports chairperson Jason Reinhardt in this month’s First Set.
  • Best Practices: Ryan McKenzie, of Training with Ryan, knows how to grow personal training revenues.
  • Saved! By taking up arms against punitive legislation, Olympic Athletic safeguards clubs' future, reports IHRSA’s Kaitlynn Anderson Fernandez in this month's Grow, Promote, Protect.
  • Value Proposition: VibeClass: This unique new fitness franchise developed in Brazil has now arrived in the U.S.
  • Inspirational: IHRSA 2020 keynoters inspire both the industry and the world, says President and CEO Joe Moore in this month's Last Rep.