CBI May 2021

Are you ready for the future? Rob Barker on the Precor-Peloton deal and what it means for health clubs.

“The good news is that health club operators have a seat at the table with Peloton. And we’re very keen to understand what health club operators want.”

Rob Barker, CEO



  • Full Speed Ahead: Like the mythical Roman god Janus, a two-faced deity that could look backward and forward at the same time, you can’t set a successful path to the future without bringing the lessons and experiences of the past to guide you. The result is a clear vision of where the industry needs to go. And that means taking a few risks along the way.


  • Betting Big on the Future: Peloton’s acquisition of Precor last December shook up the industry. In this interview, Rob Barker, Precor CEO and general manager of Peloton, explains the strategic vision behind the deal and why it’s a positive development for the global health club industry.
  • The Great Outdoors: During lockdowns, clubs were forced to move their services outside of their four walls to continue doing business. What they learned in the process was that consumers loved the option of fresh-air training. Here’s how any club can find a way to create a viable outdoor program.
  • The Data Difference in Wellness: Learn how club operators can utilize information from personal monitoring devices and smart equipment to refine the member experience and create better health outcomes. The result is a powerful retention tool and an enticing way to attract wellness customers.

News & Know How

  • News: IHRSA introduces new membership tiers that will broaden industry representation and unity. Also, the latest on the GYMS Act, and learn how IHRSA tracks state laws and regulations that may affect your business.
  • IHRSA’s Medical, Science, and Health Advisory Council: Council Member Dr. David L. Katz demystifies COVID mortality.
  • State Alliances: Meet JoAnna Masloski from the Colorado Fitness Coalition.
  • Influencer: Bill Davis, CEO of ABC Fitness Solutions, on building an immersive member experience.
  • Research Roundup: A study from RAND Europe shows how health clubs can be engines of economic growth.
  • REX Roundtables: Mark Miller, COO of Merritt Clubs, on what it will take to return the industry to the top.


IHRSA Report

  • Leadership: Interim Chair Carrie Kepple talks about the industry’s image problem and why now is the time to fix it.
  • Best Practices: Alan Leach, MS, CEO and director of marketing for West Wood Club, tells you how to get the most from your online marketing.
  • Advocacy: Here’s how to maximize your lobbying efforts and influence policymakers.
  • Legacy: Monica Marques, owner/partner of Companhia Athletica, provides valuable insights from South America.