CBI May 2019

Randy Hetrick, the creator of suspension training and CEO of TRX, continues to demonstrate that he still has more surprises up his sleeve.

“From Day 1, our philosophy about growth has been clear and our strategy simple: Help trainers and clubs to develop their businesses, and our business will grow alongside theirs.”

Randy Hetrick, CEO



  • TRX-ster Strategist: In the late ’90s, a counter-piracy deploymentobliged Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick to createthe first Suspension Trainer. His inventionled to TRX, a multifaceted fitness businesswith more than 50,000 clients and $50 millionin annual sales.
  • San Diego Spectacular: A photo exploration of the enticing and endlessly exciting IHRSA 2019 experience.
  • The Creativity Project: From "old-school" workouts to cutting-edge HIIT, we explore the newest and neatest.
  • Need to Know: The state of U.S. data privacy laws is changing, and health clubs are striving to adapt.
  • Assessment Evolution: Fitness testing has progressed from the basic Sargent Test to sophisticated 3D body-scanning.

News & Know How

  • News: GoodLife acquires $100 million; wheelchair CrossFit; Anytime Fitness, Antartica; Davis to head up ABC; governor attack gym tax; TRT holds on to Gold's Gym; Ueber named new 24 Hour CEO; Rage Yoga; and more.
  • European News: Migros expands in Germany, EasyGym enters French market, and investors are betting on London’s boutique fitness brands.
  • First Person: Shaye Molendyke, of Yogafit for Warriors and Warrior Kids, cares for the traumatized.
  • On the Move: EveryBodyFights at Midtown; Vivafit expands at home; Gold's a franchise winner; UFC extends brand; Anytime Fitness rebrands; plus more.

IHRSA Report

  • Support Those Who Support the Industry: In this month’s First Set, IHRSA Board Chair Jim Worthington explains why it is imperative for IHRSA clubs should support IHRSA suppliers.
  • Best Practices: The Newtown Athletic Club's Amanda Brown has 10 tips for connecting with kids.
  • Time to Take Action: Five steps to take to avoid sales taxes on memberships and services, writes Jeff Perkins in this month's Grow, Promote, Protect.
  • A Focus on Payroll: Assess, and reassess, your club's biggest expense, counsels Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA in this month's Last Rep.