CBI May 2018

After having served his executive apprenticeship at several iconic IHRSA operations— including Sport & Health, the Merritt Clubs, and Lifestyle Family Fitness— Jason Reinhardt realized his dream. In 2013, he opened his own club, Go M.A.D. Fitness, in Monroe, Mich. Now, five years later, he’s at four facilities … and counting… and still as driven as ever.

“I believe that every staff member is an informal member of your sales and marketing department, and should be proud to promote your club in order to gain, and retain, members.”

Jason Reinhardt, Founder

Go M.A.D. Fitness


'Make a Difference'

CBI Interview with Jason Reinhardt, owner of Go M.A.D. Fitness, a four-club chain in the midwest, sets out to change the world every day.

IHRSA 2018 - The 'Phenomenonal' Industry Event

A photo appreciation of IHRSA 2018

The Best in Assessments

How the data deluge helps clubs help members get the result they want

Get Ready for GDPR!

The European Union’s new data protection policy has universal implications

Guardians at the Gate

When protecting data, the best offense is a good defense

Exercise Access for All

IHRSA clubs are striving to make health and wellness activities more inclusive

News & Know How

First Person: Mark Miller

Mark Miller, the COO of the Merritt Clubs, catalogs and quantifies the many "merits" of the annual IHRSA Institute

IHRSA Report

May Is Fitness-Focused Month

IHRSA Chairperson Derek Gallup knows how to make the most of it, in this month's First Set.

Best Practices

  • Todd Washman discusses the most important things to know about HVAC systems when constructing a club
  • Don Murphy discusses how to make sure a new club member remains engaged and keeps coming back.

Managing 'Difficult' Members

Helen Durkin, J.D., outlines six simple steps to help you defuse sensitive situations

Value Proposition: SiriusXM for Business

SiriusXM for Business is making a big difference for health club operators

Invest in Yourself & Your Staff

For a great ROI, invest in yourself and staff at The IHRSA Institute, suggests Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA in this month's Last Rep.