CBI March 2019

Brand authority Denise Lee Yohn will show you how to become a brand leader during her keynote presentation at IHRSA 2019.

“A company's purpose is its why. ... Having a meaningful purpose, or being a 'purpose-driven' company, is critical in today's cluttered, ultra-competitive, choice-overloaded world.”

Denise Lee Yohn, Brand Expert


  • Eye on the Future: Denise Lee Yohn—the author, speaker, consultant,and go-to expert on successful brands—willexplain how to take your brand “from good togreat” during IHRSA’s 38th Annual InternationalConvention & Trade Show, this month, in SanDiego, CA.
  • 2019's Rising Stars: IHRSA recognizes 22 of the industry's most accomplished young professionals.
  • International Expansion: In 2018, IHRSA efforts made a major impact in the U.S., Brazil, Portugal, and China.
  • Global Club Access: The new Passport/TrainAway app provides digital entry to facilities in 21 countries.
  • IHRSA 2019: The complete guide to the compelling and constructive events at IHRSA 2019.

News & Know How

  • News: The many benefits of exercise; election eve at IHRSA 2019; new trends in 2019; investors endorse Russian Fitness Group; Peloton vs. SoulCycle; E by Equinox debuts; Vista Equity acquires MINBODY; and more.
  • First Person: Kelly Card, a senior vice president at ABC Financial, explains how to use technology to connect with members.
  • On the Move: Orangetheory Fitness "pops up" in Boca Raton, LA; a $2-million renovation; Blink embraces seniors; a new Mini Judgement Free Zone; and more.

IHRSA Report

  • Optimize the IHRSA 2019 Experience: In this month’s First Set, IHRSA Board Chair Jim Worthington explains how you can maximize the ROI on IHRSA 2019.
  • Best Practices: Consultant John Atwood maps out a process for tracking and managing your club's key financial metrics.
  • A New Wave of Regulations: New Regulations on taxes, contracts, and data are heading your way. We ask if you're prepared in this month's Grow, Promote, Protect.
  • Value Proposition: Matrix Fitness USA: Making exercise interesting, engaging, and easy helps clubs to help members develop sustainable healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Value Proposition: SportsArt America: For this equipment manufacturer, a healthier planet is the grand goal that defines the design and fucntion of all of its products.
  • An Active Future for All: IHRSA and UFIT are committed to enabling the disabled, says Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA in this month's Last Rep.