CBI January 2019

Mel Robbins, an author, speaker, and entrepreneur, shares her five-second rule that she says can change lives for the better.

“The Rule enables people to move from thought to action. They become more confident, courageous, and productive, act without hesitation, and are nicer to one another.”

Mel Robbins, CEO

Confidence Project, Inc. - Boston, MA


  • '5-4-3-2-1': Hesitation—between inspiration and taking action—is an obstacle to progress and success, contends IHRSA 2019 keynote speaker MelRobbins, and overcoming it to move forward can be as simple as counting backwards from“5.”
  • Women Who Inspire!: These 20 accomplished women personify the industry’s countless female achievers.
  • Benchmark to Success: The 2018 IHRSA Profiles of Success ensures strong, steady performance by clubs.
  • A Rising Revolution: Is it possible that functional training is just now getting started? Could be!
  • Infinite Applications: Coming next from fitness apps: hyper-personalization and hyper-socialization

News & Know How

  • News: Blink Fitness plays Detroit Pistons; Bay Club Co.acquires Leisure Sports, Inc.; pay-as-you-goin the U.K.; new CEOs for Nordic chains; niche women-only clubs; Newtown celebrates40 years; European News; and more.
  • First Person: Henrik Gockel, the winner of the 2018European Club Leadership Award, isa PRIME TIME Fitness star.
  • On the Move: In-Shape Health Clubs set record; Orangetheory’s U.K. ambitions; PFPartners owns 108; Pura Vida at WorldTrade Center; and more club news.

IHRSA Report

  • New Year's Solution: You owe it to yourself to attend IHRSA 2019in San Diego, insists IHRSA Chair Jim Worthington in this month's First Set.
  • Best Practices: Evolution Trainers president Ashley Selman offers tips on how to make your club standout from the rest
  • Want to Create a Diabetes Program?: Creating a Medicare-reimbursed diabetes program could, conceivably, save someone’s life, writes Alexandra Black Larcom, IHRSA's senior manager of health promotion & policy, in this month's Grow, Promote, Protect.
  • Value Proposition: TSG: Subscription-based memberships inspiredTSG to create a new management solution.
  • Start the Year Off Right: Start off the new year right and get yourself to IHRSA 2019, saysJoe Moore, the association’s president and CEO, in this month's Last Rep.